Surface Laptop Also Updated for Windows 10 Version 1803

Posted on May 11, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 7 Comments

Surface Laptop Also Updated for Windows 10 Version 1803

Following in the footsteps of Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop was also updated to better support Windows 10 version 1803.

This one isn’t documented on the Surface Blog for IT Pros yet for some reason. (UPDATE: That blog has been updated to document this release, noting that it “includes a new driver for Surface Integration that improves hibernation on Windows 10 April 2018 Update.”)

But the Surface Laptop Update History website notes that Surface – System – 2.0.545.0 improves hibernation on Windows 10 April 2018 Update. And the new update has been added to the Surface Laptop Drivers and Firmware download set too.

I just installed this one, I think, but it happened quickly and didn’t require a reboot.

As you may have seen, Surface Book 2 got this same update a day earlier.


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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Surface Laptop Also Updated for Windows 10 Version 1803”

  1. Daekar

    Nice bottle collection in the background.

  2. Bob Shutts

    With the MacBook line of laptops languishing in "form before function" mode, I'm seriously thinking about a PC laptop. You know, one with actual ports, etc. I've been reading user reviews in print and on YouTube. My god, the Surface line gets really bad reviews. (Even since the last few firmware updates.) Sleep issues, battery life, upgrades stalling, etc. Paul seems to like the Surface line (Paul, correct me if I'm wrong) but to me, as an outsider looking in, me best choices are Lenovo or HP. (I'm wearing my flame-proof suit as I await the comments!)

    • lvthunder

      In reply to Bob_Shutts:

      That's the best part of the Windows ecosystem is the level of choice. Since you care about ports the Surface line probably isn't for you. For me I really enjoy the features of the Surface Book. Especially the 2:3 screen. I don't like to put computers to sleep as I think it's good to reboot them so I never noticed any sleep issues. I've also never had an upgrade stall either.

    • jimross2

      In reply to Bob_Shutts:
      Not sure why the Surface line (esp the Laptop) doesn't get more love in 2018. I switched a few months ago from a five-year-old MacBook Pro to a Surface Laptop, during that $1,299 deal Best Buy ran, have been nothing but happy with it. I didn't do the normal "future proof" non-sense of over-speccing it, just went with that cheap i5/16/256 config, and it's surprisingly snappy. Even with limited Virtualbox, the guest and host both fly. Beyond great battery life (closer to 8 hours than 15), this trackpad is 90-95% as good as the rMBP, which is the highest compliment I can give it. I’m surprised how slow and glitchy similar laptops seemed in comparison during limited testing in Best Buy, but ymmv.

  3. skane2600

    That furniture in the background is Paul's UWP contemplation table.

  4. MacLiam

    I didn't see this one offered through WU, which happens when your device is running Insider builds, but I checked the device manager and found that I had the version you identify above. The event log says it was installed Wed. evening, which means it must have come along with the 17666 update.

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