Microsoft Unveils Surface Headphones

Posted on October 2, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 31 Comments

Microsoft now makes headphones. Yep.

The company just unveiled the Surface Headphones, a premium headphone that will be available later this year. The device comes with 4 beam-forming microphones that let you interact with Cortana, which is built into the headphones. The device offers adjustable noise cancellation, and you can easily control that using the dial on the headphones.

What’s more, the device comes with automatic play/pause which means it will automatically pause/play the music as you take it off or put it on. It’s pretty much like Apple’s AirPods.

It’s chargeable through USB-C, which, of course, is odd as none of Microsoft’s new Surface devices come with a Type-C port. Either way, the device will be available later this year, starting at $349.

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Comments (31)

31 responses to “Microsoft Unveils Surface Headphones”

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    I have no idea who will buy these

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    Wait; there's something wrong with that picture.

    It charges via USB-C - which none of the devices with which it was co-introduced support?

    That's just nutty... Since a black Surface Book 3 was missing from the lineup, perhaps that and other unannounced goodies bristling with USB-C goodness sit in the wings waiting for some magic moment when it all comes together...

    Right. And beware the flying pigs.

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    For $349 those better not be made out of plastic.

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    The idea of noise suppression is remarkable! Cortana doesn't seem to have a competitive advantage. Blockchain give an opportunity to launch any software on any device including the software for voice assistants. Like, for example SOVA does. Though they still develop their platform, they sound promising

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    So is cortana built in, or do you need to be paired to a phone or pc to have that work? I suspect the latter, although I guess it could be the former if they use the tech from the invoke... In that case these things would have WiFi too, right?

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    That is the most expensive expensive headset in the world! and it doesn't appeal to business customers because it doesn't have a keyboard!

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    In reply to jboman32768: Future headline next year: MICROSOFT CANCELS SURFACE HEADPHONES

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    When I look at the product page, it says the Surface Studio 2 has a USB-C port. I agree it's weird that the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 don't have USB-C, but we now have the Surface Studio 2, Surface Go, Surface Book 2, and Surface Headphones all with USB-C.

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    I can see really excellent microphones and clear calls being the killer app on these. Cortana isn't useful enough to be the big selling point, but as long as their noise cancellation and sound quality are in the Bose or Sony range, they could sell at this price point.

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    locust infested orchard inc

    I thought I would never utter or write the following words, but it appears Microsoft are really pushing to create a new class of idol worshippers, the mSheep.

    In today's World of slick marketing aimed at persuading the naïve to latch onto a particular brand, it fairly clear why Microsoft sought to release headphones with the all-important Microsoft logo.

    The question is, how many mSheep will be penned in by this ploy ?

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      In reply to locust infested orchard inc:

      Well, if it is like their other hardware accessories it will be the best thing since sliced bread, and they will put it on a fire sale and pretend that it never existed 6 months from now.

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      In reply to locust infested orchard inc:

      Come now, they wouldn't call them mSheep; surely Windrones would roll off the tongue better.

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        locust infested orchard inc

        In reply to Jackwagon:

        Windrones – yes indeed. I hadn't come across this slur before, but it is listed at

        The thing with 'Windrones', it is appropriate only when in discussion with Windows psycofanatics, e.g., those who still insist on remaining with WinXP.

        Regarding using the derogatory term 'Windrones' for Microsoft products, well it is inappropriate, as it is applicable only to a subset of Microsoft users (WinXP users), and not users of Microsoft products as a whole, hence the coinage of the term, mSheep.

        It ought to be noted that the term mSheep can only be used in very rare instances, for Microsoft products are for the most part of significance in mass productivity. mSheep is therefore reserved to isolated incidence, such as someone who buys these Surface Headphones, with the intent to flaunt the Microsoft logo, as do iSheep frolicking around with their part-bitten fruit logo emblazoned on their iPharce.

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    Don’t forget they won’t last more than 6 months before they literally start peeling apart (Microsoft Band anyone?)

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    I feel like this might go down the road of the Invoke? It will be a great sounding headphone but most people might look to something more established like Sony or Bose? Guess we will see once the holiday hits this year.

    My question is will these work with Xbox? If so that could be a great accessory with mics, great sound, and noise cancelling.

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    LOL...who the h*ll is going to buy these at $349 (not including tax)? It's an automatic loser, because it's priced so high. For $349, you can buy a headset from a premium brand like B&O or Bose. OMG, even has the Microsoft logo (the 4 squares) on it. That's like "nerd alert." LOL...and Cortana, huh? Like the Harmon Kardon, this one is a loser. I can't wait til Thurrott calls these headsets "GORGEOUS!" Surprised Medhi hasn't done so, yet. For all those Microsoft fans out there who want to buy this, wait til December 26th. The price will probably drop to $149 through a seller after the Christmans season, when inventory has to be moved out.

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    I was expecting Apple apple to make some noise cancellers to go with their pods. It’s great MS has beat them to it. But these look a bit nerdy for me.

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    No mention if these come in black, which makes as much sense (to Microsoft) as including USB-C. Everything else announced today doesn't have USB-C and is available in black.

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    Dumb question. Starting at £349? What does it go up to, and for what features?

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    Putting USB-C on these but not on the other Surface products is as questionable as Apple including lightning headphones and no headphone jack on the iphone but putting a headphone jack on laptops without a lightning port... simple things shouldn't be an afterthought in hardware design.

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    Bets starting: how long until Nadella decides the world does not need another headphone maker? :))

    Cortana powered headphones...meh Looking at the simply mediocre build quality of Band 1 and 2, I wonder about these. People say they sound great though, but at 350...there are cheaper option at stunning quality, and without a crappy assistant.

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