Microsoft Releases Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business

Posted on December 11, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 10 Comments

Microsoft this week released its Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business, which aims to help recover Surface PCs more quickly.

“Built with advanced diagnostics, logging, and repair capabilities, the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business enables IT admins to quickly resolve hardware, software, and firmware issues in Surface devices, beginning with Surface Pro 3 and later,” Microsoft’s John Kaiser explains. “The solution consists of a distributable desktop application and command-line app console that ship together in Surface Tools for IT.”

According to Microsoft, the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business walks IT admins through a series of interactive diagnostic hardware tests, software repairs, and firmware updates, with the goal of restoring balky Surface PCs to “full health.”

It will generate a report when it finds a problem, automatically repair system files and other core components, and can be deployed to remote users for self-service repair and install. A Surface diagnostics command line app also helps IT remotely troubleshoot Surface PCs without user interaction.

You can download the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business and Surface diagnostics command line app as part of the Surface Tools for IT package, which also includes other, previously-available utilities.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Releases Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business”

  1. dcdevito

    I've never owned one, or used one, but the fact that this has to exist tells me there must be reliability

  2. Tony Barrett

    Tip: Don't run Surface devices in the enterprise. They're problematic, prone to crashing, not built particularly well and when they break, they can't be repaired on site. They're also expensive for what they are. There are far more robust, enterprise ready devices out there that are built to take a pounding and not just look pretty.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Here's another tip. Surface devices don't have any more or less problems then any other PC maker.

      • Necron

        In reply to lvthunder:

        That’s not true. It’s proven statistically that surface devices are more problematic. Haven’t you seen CR ratings? Then just go on youtube and watch thousands of confirmations where people experience most weird glitches I ever seen.

        • Tony Barrett

          In reply to Necron:

          Well, our company bought a bunch of Surface Pro's to see what they were like. Yes, they look nice, but two failed within a fortnight, and one had a broken/lose screen. We had numerous lockups with Windows 10, and had to rebuild them a number of times. As they are sealed units, repairs have to be sent away, which in our case, is far from ideal due to the type of data we hold. Eventually, we just binned them and bought enterprise grade 2-in-1's from Dell.

  3. DaddyBrownJr

    In reply to karma77police:

    Can you make my company 75 custom-built laptops and deliver them by the end of next week? That would be great.

  4. lvthunder

    In reply to karma77police:

    Is your custom built PC a laptop or a tablet like all the Surface devices? I didn't think so. And don't tell me the Studio is a desktop. It's not. It's a giant tablet. And it's awesome. I'm using one right now.

  5. Jeffsters

    How about going to root cause and eliminating the need for this app? Let’s try that!