Surface Pro 8 (Probably) Leaks

Posted on September 19, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 22 Comments

Surface Pro 8 is getting a larger display with a high refresh rate and smaller bezels, plus dual Thunderbolt ports, according to a new leak.

“Microsoft Surface Pro 8 [includes] Intel’s 11th-generation Core processor, [a] 13″ 120Hz [display with] high refresh rate [and] narrow border[s], Windows 11, dual Thunderbolt Interfaces, [and] replaceable SSD hard drives,” a tweet with a poorly translated version of the Japanese advertisement reads.

The accompanying image of the ad shows a form factor that looks exactly like Surface Pro X, and not Surface Pro 7. There’s even a Surface Pen Slim with an associated charging slot in the top of its keyboard cover, just like with Pro X. The image is of too low quality to determine which ports and slots are available.

And that’s a bit suspicious: by most accounts, Surface Pro 8 would use the same form factor as its predecessors, and not that of Surface Pro X, but with a bigger display and some other improvements.

Microsoft is holding a virtual Surface and Windows 11 event on Wednesday, so I guess we’ll learn then. But this is certainly the direction that Surface fans had hoped Microsoft would go with Surface Pro 8.

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Comments (22)

22 responses to “Surface Pro 8 (Probably) Leaks”

  1. cseafous

    Love the specs (if true) but I want LTE. If not, I may ditch my Pro 5 for a Surface Go 3 and a NUC insteead.

  2. huddie

    I'll eat my hat if Microsoft have made a laptop with 2 x Thunderbolt 4 ports. I'll be very surprised if it has any more than, say, 2 x Thunderbolt 3. May not even have Thunderbolt at all.

  3. robincapper

    Reading this on a SB2 and those bezels look rather similar

  4. JH_Radio

    There will be a lot of stuff between now and the next 4 years I expect. Come Windows 10 EOL that's when I'll be needing new hardware. If I didn't have to because of the EOL I probably still wouldn't. Surface is on my shortlist for a laptop.

  5. lezmaka

    With Microsoft being Microsoft, I'm guessing it'll be USB4 which basically includes Thunderbolt 3 capability. I would be surprised if it were actually Thunderbolt 4.

  6. collinbd

    Hi from Japan! The image in tweet is not Japanese though, but Chinese. Looking forward to the announcement!

  7. usman

    If they do another Black Friday sale at $799/£699 as they did for Pro 6 and 7 when they launched, this would be quite a steal.

  8. jgraebner

    If this is true and there is an LTE (or, better yet 5G) option, I will seriously consider replacing both my Surface Book 2 and Surface Go 2 with one.

  9. brettscoast

    Looks promising

  10. dallasnorth40

    If true, this might tempt me to upgrade my Surface Pro 7 early.

  11. ulrichr

    If we assume for a moment that this is accurate (and I'm certainly not ready to believe that), then when we upgrade we will need to buy a new Dock to take advantage of the increased speed from Thunderbolt as well.

    • jgraebner

      Even if it has Thunderbolt connectors, there will probably still be a Surface connect as well for backward compatibility.

    • vladimir

      In my office there are thunderbolt docks at every single desk and I have to carry around the only surface dock. I can’t wait for the day I dump it.

  12. ngc224

    Another "leak"!!!

  13. wpcoe

    I'd be thrilled to have a Thunderbolt port, but I'd really like to retain the USB-A port. I have so many USB-A peripherals (external hard drives, thumb drives) that I'd rather not have to go buy new cables or adapters. Only three more days, and will know for sure.

    • wright_is

      If it is based on the Surface Pro X design, there is no room for an USB-A port, the case is too thin.

      • digiguy

        it's not just thinness it's also bezels, apparently it's extremely hard to make a USB A port with thin bezels on the side, so it's a combination of the 2.... (you have USB A on very thin laptops but on the base, not where there is the screen)

        • wpcoe

          Darn. I don't suppose they found any way to put a USB-A along the top bezel?

          I'd read that one reason they'll keep the Surface Connect port was for larger corporate users who had invested in peripherals like extra chargers and/or docking stations that they wanted to still be compatible with new Surface Pros. Wouldn't these same users want to keep USB-A compatibility? There's got to be a lot of USB-A peripherals out there in the wild.

  14. StevenLayton

    I'm sure its a coincidence, but a 13" screen puts it in iPad Pro territory. With Android Apps. Hmmm.

  15. vladimir

    if it really has dual Thunderbolt I might actually buy one as my next laptop