Tip: Get a Replacement Power Cord for Your Surface Pro

Tip: Get a Replacement Power Cord for Your Surface Pro

As you may have heard, Microsoft admitted earlier this week that it will be undergoing a voluntary recall for all Surface Pro power cords sold before July 15, 2015. If you own such a cord, you should have it replaced (for free). Here’s how.

I wrote about this issue previously in Microsoft to Recall Surface Pro Power Cords.Today, Microsoft revealed the process for getting a new cord.

To be clear, Microsoft is replacing the power cord, not the entire Surface Pro power supply. That is, they’re replacing the short cord, not the power brick with the longer cable and Surface Connect connector. (It’s shown above).

Also, given the date, this recall does not impact Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. Microsoft must have quietly changed the power cord design previously, so even new Surface Pro 3 units (and Surface Pro 3 power supplies, sold individually) aren’t impacted. Only Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and those Surface Pro 3’s sold before July 2015 are affected.

Why the recall? “If the cord is wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time there is a potential risk for the AC cord– the cord that connects the power supply unit to the electrical socket – to overheat,” Microsoft explains. “There are no reports of serious injury, [but] a small number of our customers have reported this issue and we are taking action to address by making free replacement cords available to all eligible customers. The safety of our customers is our top priority.”

To see if you qualify for a free replacement and begin the exchange process, please visit www.surface.com/powercord.


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