Surface Book 2?

Surface Book 2?

An innocuous Surface post on Instagram fired up Microsoft enthusiasts over the weekend. But Microsoft wasn’t slyly teasing a Surface Book 2. That’s just the current model.

Here’s the post.. The image is above.

Do you notice anything odd, or different, about that Surface Book 2? No, and neither did I. Though the lighting makes the device look a bit dark.

But others did see something: a story. Windows Central “confirmed” that it was Surface Book 2. And The Verge quickly issued a follow-up called “Microsoft teases Surface Book 2 on Instagram.”


As it turns out, my initial reaction to that image was correct: It’s just a current Surface Book. The image is from the Surface Book launch last year. It was just rotated slightly.

Rudy Huyn does a nice job of showing how the image was made.


So, there’s no new hinge. No new color. No new timing. No new nothing. It’s just a Surface Book.

But if you’re looking for Surface Book 2, no worries. Brad has you covered. Look! Surface Book Two:


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