Microsoft Launches Surface Trade-Up Offer for MacBook Users

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 13 Comments

Microsoft Launches Surface Trade-Up Offer for MacBook Users

Microsoft has announced a limited-time trade-up offer for MacBook users, who can receive up to $650 for their touch-less wonders when they upgrade to a more capable Surface device.

Love it.

“Surfaces are designed to dissolve the barriers between device and human interaction, ultimately helping people achieve more,” Microsoft’s Brian Hall writes. “No device line up can match the performance, portability and versatility of the Surface family.”

So, for a limited time, and only in the United States—sorry, world—Microsoft is inviting MacBook owners to upgrade. Bring your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro into a Microsoft retail store and receive up to $650 in credit when you purchase a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. Or, you can do so online.

Granted, you will almost certainly receive a better deal if you trade-in your MacBook online at places like Amazon Trade-in or Gazelle, or just sell it outright on eBay or Craig’s List. But this Microsoft offer is more about the impression it gives, that Microsoft has Apple on the ropes when it comes to impressive, high-end laptop hardware that is truly innovative. And this is the right time to strike.

The trade-in offer is valid through November 10, 2016.


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