One Surface Pro 4 Configuration is 20 Percent Off

Posted on January 30, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 10 Comments

One Surface Pro 4 Configuration is 20 Percent Off

Yes, I know this is a Surface Pro 3. But it’s a nice picture, no?

In another sign that Microsoft is winding down Surface Pro 4 sales, one configuration of this device is now 20 percent off. Should you buy it?

As you may recall, Microsoft has offered various Surface Pro 4 sales over the past few months, most notably during the 2016 holidays, when there was a $300 off sale. This deal isn’t quite as good as that one, and it only impacts one Surface Pro 4 model. But it’s worth looking at if you’re in the market.

If you shop at the Microsoft Store, you will see that the Surface Pro 4 with a Core i5 processor, 4 GB Of RAM, and 128 GB of storage is now $799, or $200 off. The other models are the normal price, though it’s worth pointing out that this price is the same as that for the new base Surface Pro 4, with a Core m3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage, and no pen. So the sale model here has a much better processor and a $60 pen for the same price.

Remember, too, that you need a Type Cover. Microsoft offers a variety of options there, with pricing in the $130 to $160 range, depending on which one you choose. So the total cost will still be under $1000.

Is this a good option? And, based on the email I’ve been seeing lately, is Surface Pro 4 in general a good option here in early 2017?

Surface Pro 4 is an excellent 2-in-1 device, and while I happen to prefer bigger screens, I do highly recommend it. Most readers are aware of the reliability issues that dogged Surface Pro 4 (and Surface Book) during the first several months of availability, but complaints have really slowed, and I believe that Microsoft has gotten ahead of that. The new Surface Book with Performance Base that I’m currently reviewing, for example, is far more stable and reliable than my previous Surface Book, which dates back to late 2015 and still has all kinds of issues.

We know that Microsoft will update/replace Surface Pro 4 this spring, but I don’t feel that any new model—presumably with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 capabilities, and a slightly more modern Kaby Lake processor—negates the value of the current one. That is, Surface Pro 4 will be a great PC for years to come.

I do recommend, however, that you future-proof the device with 8 GB of RAM or more and, if you need it, more storage. Doing so will obviate the $200 off sales price, however. So perhaps you should wait and see if there are future sales. It’s also possible that Microsoft will keep Surface Pro 4 in market for some time even if its replaced.

In other words, unless you know this is exactly what you want, I advise waiting.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “One Surface Pro 4 Configuration is 20 Percent Off”

  1. 639

    I like the price but I think it is worth the wait to have Windows Hello, no Sky Lake issues, and USB-C.  That would be enough future-proofing to keep me satisfied for years to come.

  2. 5234, but don't buy?


    I don't know where you're going with this.

  3. 7482

    So are the "hot bag" & sleep-related problems REALLY fixed?

  4. 5394

    Since I'm afraid of defective merchandise, I really think Surface Pro 4 is not ready for Prime Time. So I'm ready for Surface Pro 5 to change my mind. Besides, the new Kaby chips have 4K built in. I'm interested to know if the new integrated mobile UI will make a difference. This won't happen until late 2017 or 2018. I'll wait another year or two to see the result.

  5. 5539

    "Remember, too, that you need a Type Cover."

    No you don't. You likely need a keyboard, and maybe a mouse. It doesn't have to be the type cover. There are a significant number of small portable keyboards available from MS, Logitech, and others. 

  6. 7046

    These "Should You Buy It?" articles are so stupid. Every one ends with, "Only you can decide if you should buy it." 

  7. 3272

    The i5 is only the same price as the Core-m at the Microsoft Store. Best Buy has the Core-m WITH the Alcantara keyboard for 699. They also match the MS store i5 price of 799 which as you mentioned does not include the keyboard. In the end, that's a big difference in price and a heck of a deal on the Core-m model. Picked 1 up and it is very nice. I have had zero issues with it so far as well.

  8. 442

    Just helped someone get and setup a Dell business class convertible with a 15.6" screen.  I may go that route next.  Cheaper for the power wanted, and seems a lot more solid of a machine plus battery life seemed a lot better.  Not to mention "bigger screen" :)

  9. 2481

    I bought me a refurbished Surface Pro 4 over the holiday.  The i5 256Gb 8gb ram is still the same price it was at the holiday time for both NEW $1199 and Refurbished $979 models.  

    I read this article when it first came out but didn't want to check and have the my new car is now worth what moment!