Surface Pro 3 Gets a January 2017 Firmware Update

Posted on January 31, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 3 Comments

Surface Pro 3 Gets a January 2017 Firmware Update

Microsoft isn’t documenting it on its Surface Update History websiteyet, but Surface Pro 3 received a firmware update overnight.

Here’s what’s in the update.

Microsoft – System Firmware Update. Surface Pro UEFI 3.11.2050.0 improves system performance for latest Windows versions.

Intel Corporation – Display. Intel HD Graphics Family improves Miracast and docked video performance.

Intel Corporation – Display. Intel Display Audio improves Miracast and docked video performance.

Thanks to Barb Bowman for the update rundown.


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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Surface Pro 3 Gets a January 2017 Firmware Update”

  1. 9522

    Not sure if it's the display driver update,  but my sp3 got the firmware update yesterday, and now some font rendering on the external displays (via sp3 dock) is now very poor with some programs and/or sites. 

    Appearance on the 2 full hd screens in some cases looks very jaggy as if antialiasing were disabled. 

    And the update still  hadn't fixed the 3:45 am crash reboot if left on the dock overnight. 

    Oh well, maybe an sp5 soon...? 

    • 5539

      In reply to agt4: Curious why you are looking to a SP5, given your experience with the SP3? When we bought our 3s (yea I have one too) it was a pretty unique device. Today there are many comparable devices in size, weight, performance, (price). HP, Lenovo, even Dell have interesting options. By the time SP5 comes around, I expect even more. With the proliferation of USB-C/Thunderbolt the dock abilities will likely not be unique either, and less proprietary. The current Surface dock isn't even a dock, but rather a port extender IMHO. Picked up something almost identical in capability for my Wife's XPS-15 with a USB-C interface. Yea, video, usb, ethernet, etc out, and it charges the laptop, all on the one cable. My Surface Pro 3 is working just fine, sorry about yours, but even were I to need a replacement today, I would spend a good deal of time looking outside of Surface.


  2. 8182

    I got the update - while I was away from my computer, which was turned on when I left it. 10 minutes later I came back and it was in the midst of updating. This was within my "active hours". Far from ideal...

    I haven't yet noticed any changed behavior. I'll test Miracast and then we'll see.