Surface Book Sale (Almost) Matches Lowest-Ever Holiday Price

Posted on February 7, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface with 13 Comments

Surface Book Sale Matches Lowest-Ever Holiday Price

Microsoft has been doing the Crazy Eddie thing with Surface since 2017 began. And now certain Surface Book and Surface Pro models are on sale again.

The biggest news? The entry-level Surface Book is now just $1299, (almost) matching its lowest-ever sales price during the 2016 holiday selling season. That’s $200 off the normal price.

Update: I originally reported the sale price as $1250. Sorry about that. –Paul

As was the case in December, Surface Book requires a rethink at the $1250 price point. This configuration, which includes an Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of RAM, is the sweet spot, I think. And this price brings it much closer to comparable premium laptops from other PC makers. Just a thought.

Here’s a complete list of the Surface devices on sale from the Microsoft Store. Now through February 25.

Microsoft Surface Book – Intel Core i5, 8 GB, 128 GB. $1299, $200 off.

Microsoft Surface Book – Intel Core i5, 8 GB, 256 GB, dGPU (first-gen). $1649, $250 off.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Intel Core m3, 4 GB, 128 GB. $699, $200 off. (Includes Surface Pen.)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Intel Core m3, 4 GB, 128 GB. $699, $100 off. (No Surface Pen.)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Intel Core i5, 8 GB, 256 GB. $1049, $150 off.

You can almost feel the new models in the air.


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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Surface Book Sale (Almost) Matches Lowest-Ever Holiday Price”

  1. 5234

    These things should always be coming down in price.  The component costs are continually dropping, after all.  Not only that, but they should be introducing the Kaby Lake models by now.

    • 2233

      In reply to Waethorn:

      True, but I'd imagine they have done a TON of validation on Kaby Lake to avoid what happened to them with Skylake. A wise move (if the theory is correct). Once they announce the date of the hardware announcement, I expect to see an incredible sale on the current models.

      • 5234

        In reply to ChristopherCollins:

        OEM's have already released Kaby Lake systems and I'm not seeing much wrong with them.  I also don't see much wrong with non-Microsoft Skylake machines at that.  If anything, it's just Microsoft's designs, or their insistence to rush Intel to market before the scheduled release date.  From all accounts, it's a fault of the power management module and custom firmware - two things that Microsoft was directly responsible for.  They just don't make for a good OEM.  They call drivers "firmware" and they update them and/or firmware on a monthly scheduled basis, as if they needed to be.

        • 4800

          In reply to Waethorn:

          Drivers get updated all the time.  Especially display drivers and since the Surface Book I have has two from two different companies (Intel and NVidia) I like the fact they are in Windows Update.  I wish everything was updated that way.

          • 5234

            In reply to lvthunder:

            Intel doesn't actually update their video drivers that much.  Last year they updated their vanilla drivers all of about 4 times.  NVIDIA rarely updates theirs once a month.

    • 180

      In reply to Waethorn:

      That's not really true, though. Intel's chip prices (and chipset) tend to stay static until the next generation comes in, and even then don't normally shift all that much, they just slowly get discontinued.

      • 5234

        In reply to Polycrastinator:

        Chip prices go down - slightly, mind you, but they do go down.  Newer chips come out at the same price as when the chips they replaced were new, while older stock goes down in price.

  2. 2149

    I have a SP4, but would really prefer a Surface Book, I think. I've just grown tired of not having a proper laptop. But I really hope they have a base SSD of 256GB.

  3. 5022

    Minor typo: "...includes an Intel Core i5, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of RAM, is the sweet spot...".

    I'm guessing that should say 128 GB of storage, or something similar, as opposed to RAM again.

  4. 5775

    I just took the plunge for the Microsoft Surface Book – Intel Core i5, 8 GB, 256 GB, dGPU (first-gen). $1649, $250 off.

  5. 5510

    It's great that MSFT is doing this, but is there any reason why? Companies do not lower prices for no reason at all, especially if no refresh is coming soon. I know, thru various rumors that the Surface Pro line is refreshing soon, thus the price cuts. However, for the Surface Book, why? Too much inventory again?