Audible is Finally Going to Update Its Windows Phone App

Posted on March 7, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones with 0 Comments



UPDATE: Audible for Windows Phone [BETA] is now available for anyone to grab in the Windows Phone Store! As noted, it does require Windows Phone 8.1.

There are the apps that simply don’t exist on Windows Phone. But equally embarrassing are the apps that do exist but are either never updated or simply fall well short of their equivalent apps on Android or iPhone. The Audible app falls into that latter category, sadly. But I’ve heard now from two readers who have been informed that Audible is about to get a major update on Windows Phone.


Previous to moving to the Lumia 930, the Audible app was buggy enough that I’d gotten into the habit of bookmarking my position every single time I stopped listening. That way, I could at least get back to where I was if the app “forgot” my listening position. Which it does regularly.

But since I started using Audible on my Lumia 930, I’ve been experiencing a new level of hell: On this device—and readers tell me they see this on a variety of phone types—you press the Play button and nothing happens. After a lot of frustration and experimentation, I finally learned to just wait. After about 30-45 seconds, playback finally starts.

But now, Audible is testing a new version of its app. And it has sent emails out to apparently random customers so they can test it. I don’t have access to this updated app, but here’s what the email says is coming.

– Bug fixes & improvements

– Personal recommendations

– View similar titles by the same author, same narrator or next in series

– Rate and review titles from the app

– Play audio samples in the app

– Download audio files to SD card if your phone has one

This version of the app apparently targets Windows Phone 8.1 and newer, and it’s not clear when it will ship though I had previously heard that Audible was updating its app this spring. Whatever. I can’t wait. This is long overdue.

And speaking of long overdue, the Amazon Kindle app is another embarrassment. Come on, guys.

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