Windows 10 Mobile Tip: Name Your Phone

Posted on April 13, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones with 0 Comments

Windows 10 Mobile Tip: Name Your Phone

With previous Windows Phone OS versions, you needed to use a Windows-based PC to give your handset a name. But now in Windows 10 Mobile, this work as it does in “big” Windows: you can name your handset directly on the device.

I described the various ways you could rename your Windows Phone handset—from the default “Windows Phone”—in Windows Phone 8 Field Guide, and each method requires you to tether the phone to your PC. Among them are:

File Explorer. Select the phone in File Explorer and type F2 to rename it.

Windows Phone apps. You can use the Windows Phone desktop or modern app to rename your phone.

These methods still work in Windows 10 Mobile. But if you wish to rename the device right on the handset, you can do so now.

Here’s how: Open Settings and navigate to System, About. You will see an “Edit name” button below the device name.


Just tap that to rename the phone, and then tap Save.


Note: So this is interesting. The ability to rename your Windows Phone right on the device is also present in Windows Phone 8.1.2. Just navigate to Settings, System, About. Nice!

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