Linked Inboxes Return to Outlook Mail in Windows 10 Mobile

Linked Inboxes Return to Outlook Mail in Windows 10 Mobile

I don’t normally write-up individual app updates, but this one is notable: The latest version of Outlook Mail for Windows 10 Mobile now supports linked inboxes, a key Windows phone feature that was dropped from previous builds.

Linking inboxes is simple: Select More (“…”), Manage accounts. Here, you’ll see the new Link inboxes options.


Tap that and then choose which accounts you wish to link, and optionally change the name of the linked inbox. (As with previous Windows phone versions, you can of course have multiple linked inboxes, assuming you have enough accounts configured on the phone.)


When you complete this, the linked accounts will appear under the linked inbox in Manage Accounts.


And your linked inbox will be accessible in the Mail app as if it were a single inbox.


Thanks to everyone for the tips on this feature change. This is great news.


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