Windows 10 Mobile Tip: Take a Screenshot … Even While Using Continuum

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones with 0 Comments

Windows 10 Mobile Tip: Take a Screenshot ... Even While Using Continuum

Like previous Windows phone versions, Windows 10 Mobile supports taking screenshots with a secret button combination. But what about Continuum?

I was curious to see whether the normal way to take screenshots—by pressing the handsets Volume Up + Power buttons—would work with Continuum. But as it turns out, this works as it does without Continuum: It takes a screenshot of your phone’s screen only.


So how about the external display, which as you may recall, features a unique if somewhat limited desktop environment and lets you run compatible apps full-screen? How does one take a screenshot of that?

As it turns out, you do so just as you do in desktop versions of the Windows: You use the keyboard. And the same keyboard combination works, too: Just type WINKEY + PRTSCN to take a screenshot and have it save automatically to the Screenshots folder in Pictures.

What’s odd is that other screenshot-related keyboard shortcuts from desktop Windows do not work. That is, you can’t type PRTSCN to save a screenshot to the clipboard—or ALT + PRTSCN for just the active window. At least not that I could figure out. (The cross-app copy/cut/paste functionality in Windows 10 Mobile is clearly limited to that in desktop Windows.)


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