The New Instagram Arrives on Windows 10 Mobile

Posted on May 16, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile, Music + Videos, Windows Phones with 0 Comments

The New Instagram Arrives on Windows 10 Mobile

Instagram dived into controversy last week when it unveiled a bland new icon for its mobile app in its first-ever major branding change. But this week, it did something even rarer: It updated its Instagram app for Windows phones.

And yes, it even has the new icon. Well, the logo anyway. How up-to-date!

Instagram 8.0 is available for free in the Windows Store. It’s available only for Windows 10 Mobile, however: There’s no version for PCs.


Instagram—which is owned by Facebook—declined to provide any information about new app version beyond the description in the app store.

“We have a new look!” the description notes. “Our updated icon stays true to the camera and rainbow. The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.”


Of course, this release isn’t all that surprising: Facebook announced that new versions of its Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps were launching on Windows 10 over two weeks ago. Confusingly, and controversially, the apps are not Universal Windows Platform (UWP); instead they use Facebook’s in-house Osmeta mobile cross-platform technologies.

At that time, the firm noted that the new Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile would “include a number of features requested by users of the current Beta app, including Direct Messaging, updated Search and Explore, Videos, and Account Switching. The app also supports Live Tiles, so you can get live notifications from Instagram if you pin it on your Start screen.”

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