Thurrott Daily: November 6 (Updated)

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Thurrott Daily: November 6

What else is happening today?

What else is happening today?

11/6/2015 1:20:59 PM

8 years ago today I brought a MacBook to a Microsoft briefing in Redmond

Hilarity ensues.

Redmond 004

A nice look at Intel’s Speed Shift technology

You’ll be getting access to this in the Windows 10 Fall Update. Brett Howse explains:

Skylake, Intel’s newest 6th generation Core processors, has been designed in a way that with the right commands, the OS can hand control of the frequency and voltage back to the processor. Intel is calling this technology ‘Speed Shift’.

This has a couple of noticable benefits. First, it is much faster for the processor to control the ramp up and down in frequency, compared to OS control. Second, the processor has much finer control over its states, allowing it to choose the most optimum performance level for a given task, and therefore using less energy as a result.

The ability to quickly ramp up performance is done to increase overall responsiveness of the system, rather than linger at lower frequencies waiting for OS to pass commands through a translation layer. Speed Shift cannot increase absolute maximum performance, but on short workloads that require a brief burst of performance, it can make a big difference in how quickly that task gets done. Ultimately, much of what we do falls more into this category, such as web browsing or office work.

11/6/2015 11:56:07 AM

Star Wars fans: Check out the Japan trailer

This one includes a lot of new footage and, more important, seems to provide the actual narrative of the movie, showing for the first time how all those short clips from previous trailers fit into the actual story. Very interesting. And perhaps a bit spoiler-ish. But how can one resist?

Complaints about Black Ops III on Xbox 360 are well founded

As you may know, Call of Duty: Black Ops III launched today, but the experience on Xbox 360 and PS3 is decidedly inferior to that on the new consoles. For starters, there’s no single player. But worse, a YouTube video nicely demonstrates that these lower-end BO3 versions sport decidedly inferior graphics too. Like, Counter Strike-era graphics. I cannot imagine why they shipped this game looking that bad. Point being: If you’re going to play BO3, do so on Xbox One or PS4. Yikes.

Microsoft posts Software Update for Lumia with Windows 10 page

This is where you can go to find out absolutely nothing about why your wireless carrier is not delivering the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade.

ZDNet takes a look at the Intel Core m3 version of Surface Pro 4

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this model, but there’s only so much time (and money) in the world. In the meantime, check out ZD’s overview.

You will sacrifice a noticeable amount of performance and you won’t gain any additional battery life choosing the Core m3 model, but you will save a few hundred dollars … You can expect around 30 percent greater performance if you step up from the base Surface Pro 4 model.

For most average, everyday mainstream tasks though, $899 is all I needed to spend. And I’m betting that many needs of most other Windows 10 users can do the same.

It looks like it falls almost in the middle between a Celeron and a Core i5, which makes sense. Plus, it’s fanless.


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