Latest Windows Device Usage Stats Examine Windows 10 Uptake on Mobile and PCs

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Latest Windows Device Usage Stats Examine Windows 10 Uptake on Mobile and PCs

In this month’s look at Windows device usage, AdDuplex again examines the uptake for Windows 10 Mobile in particular, and at how the Anniversary Update is spreading across both phones and PCs.

As you may know, AdDuplex bills itself as the largest cross-promotion network for Windows phone and Windows apps. AdDuplex empowers developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. And each month it provides a glimpse at which Windows phone devices people are actually using. And as noted, this month, the data includes PCs too.

Here are the highlights from this month’s report.

Lumia 535 cements its lead among all Windows phones. The Lumia 535 is again the most-often-used Windows phone, with 12.3 percent share. The rest of the top five include the Lumia 520, 640, 630, and 640 XL. However, if you combine the Lumia 630 and 635—which you should; they’re the same phone—you see the real number one, with 14.4 percent share, well ahead of the Lumia 535.

New Windows 10 Mobile phones barely register. No new Windows 10 Mobile phones break into the top 10, but AdDuplex was nice enough to explain where they fall: The Lumia 550 is inexplicably the most popular of the new devices, falling to #23. The Lumia 950 is at #26, the Lumia 650 is #28, and the Lumia 950 XL brings up the rear at #33. All of these devices have fallen month-over-month.

Lumia 550 is the number one handset running Windows 10 Mobile. In addition to being the number one handset that actually ships with Windows 10 Mobile, the Lumia 550 is also number one when you factor in upgrades, with 12.9 percent usage share. The Lumia 640, 535, 640 XL, and 950 account for the rest of the top 5.

The U.S. market remains a wasteland for Windows phones. Not much has changed here, AdDuplex says. The top five are the Lumia 640, 635, 521, 920, and 630. (But in this case the Lumia 640 is still number one when you combine 630/635 usage.)

Windows 10 Mobile usage is accelerating. Usage in Windows 10 Mobile grew, as expected, but it’s also accelerating, with 14 percent of all Windows phones now running the new OS. (Growth doubled month-over-month.) Windows Phone OS 8.1 is still number one with 77.3 percent usage.

Over half of all Windows 10 Mobile phones are running the Anniversary Update. Looking at those devices that are running Windows 10 Mobile, AdDuplex notes that over half—52.4 percent—are running version 1607 (i.e. have installed the Anniversary Update). Version 1511 (the initial release) is on 41.3 percent of devices, and Redstone 2 (Windows Insider) is on 6.3 percent.

Most Windows 10 PCs are still on version 1511. Despite the high-profile launch of the Anniversary Update earlier this month, Windows 10 version 1607 is on running on 16.2 percent of Windows 10-based PCs so far. Version 1511 is the most used, with 77.2 percent, and RS2 brings in just 0.6 percent. The original release of Windows 10 accounts for 6.1 percent.


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