Microsoft Uses Black Friday to Sell Off Remaining Lumias

Posted on November 24, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones with 55 Comments

Microsoft Uses Black Friday to Sell Off Remaining Lumias

This is how it ends, Lumia fans: Microsoft is using the Black Friday weekend sales event to clear out its remaining inventory of Lumia smartphones. This includes the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, and also the Lumia 650.

To be fair, Microsoft has been clearing out Lumia inventory all year long, via various limited-time offers. And this weekend’s special deals and sale prices aren’t exactly among the best we’ve seen, which is surprising. They are available at the Microsoft Store, online and at retail.

Before getting to the pricing, my advice remains unchanged: None of these phones will provide a satisfying smartphone experience in late 2016 or have any meaningful longevity. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL, in particular, are lackluster smartphones and should be avoided. The Lumia 650 is a thin, light and elegant device, and a sad reminder of what used to be.

On that note, here’s what Microsoft is doing.

Buy a Lumia 950 XL, get a Lumia 950 and a Microsoft Display Dock for free. We’ve seen this one before, but the price here—$500—is simply too high. Who on earth would spend $500 on Lumia now? You’d be better off putting that money towards an Alcatel IDOL 4S or HP Elite x3 if you simply must have a Windows phone.

Buy a Lumia 650 for $99. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen better deals on this device, but you can get a Lumia 650 for half off, or $99. If you do take the plunge, you can also get the the ScreenBeam Mini Continuum Edition dongle for half price. But the Lumia 650 doesn’t even support Continuum, so this would just be a normal Miracast experience.

Curiously, the Lumia 550 isn’t on sale, so it’s temporarily more expensive, at $139, than the more capable and interesting Lumia 650. Likewise, the Lumia 640 XL is also still $99 at the Microsoft Store. And if you just want a 950, it’s still $399. Which is crazy.

You can find a complete list of Microsoft’s swamp, er, remaining Lumias here.


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  1. 3 | Reply
    thespecificocean Alpha Member #1594 - 1 month ago

    I just did the two for one deal. At least it'll be a good upgrade from my Lumia 830 and I can always sell the phone I like least.

  2. 2 | Reply
    burog25c Alpha Member #2145 - 1 month ago

    Glad to know I don't know what I want in a phone experience. How many of those apps do you ACTUALLY use on a day to day basis? How many are just "bling" to show off? The apps I use most are ones built into WP.. so why should I switch?

    1. 0 | Reply
      Dan Alpha Member #291 - 1 month ago
      In reply to burog25c:

      All the apps I use on my iPhone were never available or are no longer available on Windows Phone.

      Palm, Blackberry, Windows Phone. One more bites the dust.

  3. 1 | Reply
    xapache Alpha Member #1506 - 1 month ago

    You might have read the headlines yesterday - "Hell Froze over today - Steve switches to the iPhone".  I gave up my Lumia 950, apps that's what did it for me.

    1. 0 | Reply
      ponsaelius Alpha Member #1328 - 1 month ago
      In reply to xapache:

      I still had hope for Windowsphone in 2016. I dont know why - emotional reasons I guess. I am using the Galaxy S6 now. The Lumia 930 and 950 is still in my draw. If Microsoft actually get their act together in 2017 maybe they will come out again. They should just close it down and be honest that they are out of mobile.

  4. 1 | Reply
    Hougaard Alpha Member #2008 - 1 month ago

    And in Canada, the 650 is 99 CAD, so even cheaper :)

  5. 0 | Reply
    ssg1492 Alpha Member #2473 - 1 month ago

    Just bought the Lumia 650 Finally updated my 830

    Just a shame Microsoft is giving up on mobile there phone are pretty great

  6. 0 | Reply
    pwinch01 Alpha Member #199 - 1 month ago

    We have watched the Microsoft Mobile Train Wreck in slow motion for how long? My desk draw is full of Lumias collecting fault for drinking the kool-aid.

  7. 0 | Reply
    Lopan Alpha Member #468 - 1 month ago

    The only reason the 950/xl makes any sense is for continuum. 

    I simply can't live without it as it's the only phone that will give me a a 1920x1080 Remote desktop workspace with a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and hardwired network connection on a large monitor.

    Well maybe the HP X3 but it's too expensive.

    One thing to consider Paul, is that users don't necessarily need access to a virtual desktop infrastructure like the one HP offers. One can simply RDP to their workstation at the office as I do. The required dongle cost only $35 dollars.

  8. 0 | Reply
    wright_is Alpha Member #1319 - 1 month ago

    Only getting the free dock in Germany.

  9. 0 | Reply
    Siv Alpha Member #451 - 1 month ago

    I got the 950xl for £289 in the UK, annoyingly they only had it in white, but as I always cloak it in a leather case as I am a clumsy old sod that won't matter too much.

    I had switched from my Lumia 830 to a HTC 10 when that came out in the UK and I have tried to get on with it in the intervening period but I just prefer Windows phone.  I just can't get on with Android it seems like a step backwards in UI terms and would never want anything from those shysters at Apple.

    I also like phones with replaceable batteries and you can add up 200GB of storage with a micro SD card. Also it's big so I may be able to read what's on the screen with my failing eyesight!

    Another big plus is that Cortana works really well in my car making the hands free experience so much better!

    Let's hope it lives up to my expectations when it arrives early this week.