Microsoft Uses Black Friday to Sell Off Remaining Lumias

Posted on November 24, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Windows Phones with 55 Comments

Microsoft Uses Black Friday to Sell Off Remaining Lumias

This is how it ends, Lumia fans: Microsoft is using the Black Friday weekend sales event to clear out its remaining inventory of Lumia smartphones. This includes the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, and also the Lumia 650.

To be fair, Microsoft has been clearing out Lumia inventory all year long, via various limited-time offers. And this weekend’s special deals and sale prices aren’t exactly among the best we’ve seen, which is surprising. They are available at the Microsoft Store, online and at retail.

Before getting to the pricing, my advice remains unchanged: None of these phones will provide a satisfying smartphone experience in late 2016 or have any meaningful longevity. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL, in particular, are lackluster smartphones and should be avoided. The Lumia 650 is a thin, light and elegant device, and a sad reminder of what used to be.

On that note, here’s what Microsoft is doing.

Buy a Lumia 950 XL, get a Lumia 950 and a Microsoft Display Dock for free. We’ve seen this one before, but the price here—$500—is simply too high. Who on earth would spend $500 on Lumia now? You’d be better off putting that money towards an Alcatel IDOL 4S or HP Elite x3 if you simply must have a Windows phone.

Buy a Lumia 650 for $99. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen better deals on this device, but you can get a Lumia 650 for half off, or $99. If you do take the plunge, you can also get the the ScreenBeam Mini Continuum Edition dongle for half price. But the Lumia 650 doesn’t even support Continuum, so this would just be a normal Miracast experience.

Curiously, the Lumia 550 isn’t on sale, so it’s temporarily more expensive, at $139, than the more capable and interesting Lumia 650. Likewise, the Lumia 640 XL is also still $99 at the Microsoft Store. And if you just want a 950, it’s still $399. Which is crazy.

You can find a complete list of Microsoft’s swamp, er, remaining Lumias here.


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Comments (55)

55 responses to “Microsoft Uses Black Friday to Sell Off Remaining Lumias”

  1. 5592

    And, to give equal time...

    This is how it ends, Apple Watch fans: Apple is using the Black Friday weekend sales event on Saturday to clear out its remaining inventory of Apple Watches.

    This is how it ends, Amazon Hardware fans: Amazon is using the Black Friday weekend sales event to clear out its remaining inventory of Kindles,  and Echo, Alexa, Fire and Fire TV devices.

    This is how it ends, Google fans: Google is using the Black Friday weekend sales event to clear out its remaining inventory of Pixel smartphones and Google Home and Chromecast devices.

    You can find the various swamps at each company's website.


    • 5554

      In reply to MikeGalos:

      LOL,  somebody's bitter

      Nice try but the comparison doesn't really work since all those other products arent dead like windows phone is. 

       So yes, Paul's correct : this is how it ends for Lumia, no matter how many temper tantrums the Wmobile clingers here want to have. 

      • 1294

        In reply to PeteB:

        I don't see how it's dead when it is still in production, and there are partners still making it...

      • 5592

        In reply to PeteB:

        If Lumia was an irrelevant, dead product line it wouldn't be worth mentioning. After all, how often do desktop Macs or desktop Linux distributions get articles here?

    • 5641

      In reply to MikeGalos:

      It's fair to say that the Lumia line is no more and not being made any more. Windows 10 mobile is still alive with significant updates released two-three times a year and interim updates released too. The current Lumia phones that remain represent great value for money and will keep the Windows 10 mobile enthusiast going for a good couple of years while the new models come out from other manufacturers (HP, Alcatel, Acer and who knows who else).

      I've just given a family member my old Lumia 635, warning her that it's an older phone but runs Windows 10 Anniversary. She absolutely loves it.

      I agree with Paul somewhat - that if you are in the market for a new phone and you need specific apps, then iPhone is the product to go for (if you want to spend that sort of money). Somebody showed me some of these Android apps that makes the platform so compelling and frankly - they are fairly poor as though developers threw them together to appease the masses with their low end devices. No thanks. The google branded apps are nice though (just like the Microsoft apps that come with Windows 10 mobile).
      As for the platform being dead - it may have very low numbers but if Microsoft can continue it's current direction with great products / marketing - we may see more support. If not - we can enjoy our phones knowing we are paying considerably less for them than high end Android / iPhone users for comparable (and sometimes better e.g. camera on 950XL) specs.

      For me - it's simple things like great iCloud support for mail / calendar and contacts built in. Also great Office 365 support. Having Photos sync directly to Onedrive. Being able to store all music on Onedrive and have it sync to Groove. Nice News and Money apps built in. Having a nice browser like Edge. Cortana is nice, Offline Maps with full driving support and so on. If you haven't tried it - but a 650 in the sale and see what you are missing.

    • 8142

      In reply to MikeGalos:

      Utterly delusional. No idea how Paul manages to keep sane in the face of this nonsense

    • 5486

      In reply to MikeGalos:

      Jeez Mike. MS just want to get shot of their remaining Lumia's. They offer no benefit to them, and they're not making any more. MS are leaving that up to 3rd parties now, and being serious, they really aren't stepping up either. Most of the handsets being released are lackluster, locked to one provider and from companies barely anyone has heard of. Completely pointless. Even the HP X3 is totally tanking - really, nobody is going to spend that much money on a dead ecosystem phone, no matter how HP try and sell it.

      • 5134

        In reply to ghostrider:
        that much money?50$ for the display dock, 200$ for a 950, 250$ for a 950XL
        lackluster ?
        brilliant screen, brilliant camera on the 950XL, very light, 20+ hours battery life (for me)
        who should buy this ?
        if you don't need apps - other than some major ones
        if you live in a Microsoft eco system


        • 6244

          In reply to jean:

          i went for the deal in the uk - been eyeing up a 950 or 950 xl for a while. until yesterday the best deal i could find was £310 for an unlocked xl from a company i'd never heard of so was a little wary of. glad i waited, today i got an xl and dock for £279 from microsoft, and i get another £15 or so off with quidco. i am not a heavy user of apps and really honestly can do everything i want to with my current lumia 640. i'm sure the 950 xl is going to be great for me and am looking forward to taking some nicer pics with the ace camera ;-)

          • 5641

            In reply to Sihaz:

            When you get a chance - take a look at the Mozo replacement backs for the Lumia 950XL. Very nice in wood or leather.

            • 6244

              In reply to James_Wilson:

              thanks James will do. Right now I've put it in an orzly tpu gel case which seems pretty good on the protection front. First impressions are very good. Enjoying the larger screen and especially the accuracy that gives you when typing. Phone opens apps really quickly. Far less hanging about than the 640. Battery life not great right now but that us often an human element with a new phone. I find when I stop messing around with it just because it's new the battery life miraculously improves :-) all in all very happy with my purchase. Think I got a bargain compared to the initial rrp.

            • 5592

              In reply to James_Wilson:

              Absolutely. I use their brown leather back (note: back, not case) on my Microsoft Lumia 950 and my wife has their red leather back with the flip cover on her Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. Both have been great and support all the charging and NFC features. And, from experience, if there's a problem they're great people to deal with.


              • 7039

                In reply to MikeGalos:

                Unfortunately, it appears that the exodus from the Smartphone market has reached an extreme. A quick check of reveals that Asus, ZTE, Honor, and LG are also clearing out of their remaining inventory by reducing prices.

                Truly terrible news. I'm sure Paul will update his article soon.

  2. 8662

    Paul sounds more and more like an anti-smoker who used to smoke a lot. Fanatically throwing bad news at smokers and even turning good news into bad news, like the above. Only to justify his decision to quit smoking. But deep inside still longs for a smoke :)

  3. 5496

    Just give it up already. Windows Phone is good. Not everyone gives a crap about apps.

  4. 3183

    I just did the two for one deal. At least it'll be a good upgrade from my Lumia 830 and I can always sell the phone I like least.

  5. 5108

    Glad to know I don't know what I want in a phone experience. How many of those apps do you ACTUALLY use on a day to day basis? How many are just "bling" to show off? The apps I use most are ones built into WP.. so why should I switch?

    • 314

      In reply to burog25c:

      All the apps I use on my iPhone were never available or are no longer available on Windows Phone.

      Palm, Blackberry, Windows Phone. One more bites the dust.

  6. 5539

    Sigh. Decent information, if you start reading at 'here’s what Microsoft is doing.'

  7. 1266

    You might have read the headlines yesterday - "Hell Froze over today - Steve switches to the iPhone".  I gave up my Lumia 950, apps that's what did it for me.

    • 1792

      In reply to xapache:

      I still had hope for Windowsphone in 2016. I dont know why - emotional reasons I guess. I am using the Galaxy S6 now. The Lumia 930 and 950 is still in my draw. If Microsoft actually get their act together in 2017 maybe they will come out again. They should just close it down and be honest that they are out of mobile.

  8. 3508

    And in Canada, the 650 is 99 CAD, so even cheaper :)

  9. 6844

    Lumia is dead. Dan, dan, daaaan! Long live Surface phone!

    In other news, Ford have stopped selling the Model T.

  10. 8035

    I made the switch to an iPhone. The failure of Windows Phone (not just Lumia) and RT was particularly irritating because both products worked so well. I don't think that the press about the lack of APP's helped, especially since APP's were largely APPle's invention. I also wonder if Microsoft remained committed to these products, if they might have turned into a success. Without them Windows 10 becomes simply awkward when compared to Windows 7. I wonder how Microsoft is going to dig themselves out of this one?

  11. 206

    I have both the 950 & the Alcatel Idol 4S.  The Idol 4S is a superior phone.  The only let down is the camera, and its only a slight step back.  I'm happy I moved on from the 950.  To be fair, no NFC is a let down.  However, build quality is far and away better than the Lumia.  Improved battery life, better processor, etc.  I agree with Paul's assessment that once the Idol 4S is available unlocked, it is the phone to buy over the Lumia's.

    • 5611

      In reply to EnterMegatron99:

      To be fair, I think the build quality of the 650 is better than the 950 too!!! Although I own a 950, I actually really like the 650 and how it feels. It's just a much nicer phone to hold and use, although the specs are obviously nowhere near the 950.

  12. 473

    I got the 950xl for £289 in the UK, annoyingly they only had it in white, but as I always cloak it in a leather case as I am a clumsy old sod that won't matter too much.

    I had switched from my Lumia 830 to a HTC 10 when that came out in the UK and I have tried to get on with it in the intervening period but I just prefer Windows phone.  I just can't get on with Android it seems like a step backwards in UI terms and would never want anything from those shysters at Apple.

    I also like phones with replaceable batteries and you can add up 200GB of storage with a micro SD card. Also it's big so I may be able to read what's on the screen with my failing eyesight!

    Another big plus is that Cortana works really well in my car making the hands free experience so much better!

    Let's hope it lives up to my expectations when it arrives early this week.


  13. 490

    The only reason the 950/xl makes any sense is for continuum. 

    I simply can't live without it as it's the only phone that will give me a a 1920x1080 Remote desktop workspace with a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and hardwired network connection on a large monitor.

    Well maybe the HP X3 but it's too expensive.

    One thing to consider Paul, is that users don't necessarily need access to a virtual desktop infrastructure like the one HP offers. One can simply RDP to their workstation at the office as I do. The required dongle cost only $35 dollars.

  14. 7102

    I think Paul is correct on this. As I understand it Foxconn bought the Lumia factory in Vietnam from Microsoft for some months ago.

    (and I suppose they will building Nokia/Android ddevices there)

    So Microsoft trying to get rid of whats left in stock. Here in Sweden you can not buy a Lumia 950 anymore. And the other models are hard to get to.

  15. 6956

    As one of the 17 people who wants a 950 XL, and is not only fine with Windows Phone still, but prefers it, I'm disappointed that they didn't have a fire sale on the 950, but instead had a buy one get a slightly less expensive one free deal. Was hoping to snag a $200 950 maybe.

  16. 1753

    Only getting the free dock in Germany.

  17. 8697

    I am heading now to get my google pixel phone. I will miss my Nokia icon phone but with almost no app support and companies going to apps and no website portal to access things is frustrating. I loved the live tiles and the ability to pin multiple email folders to the desktop and wish android or ios would get this since I monitor many email folders with my outlook rules.

  18. 5601

    Just bought the Lumia 650 Finally updated my 830

    Just a shame Microsoft is giving up on mobile there phone are pretty great

  19. 222

    We have watched the Microsoft Mobile Train Wreck in slow motion for how long? My desk draw is full of Lumias collecting fault for drinking the kool-aid.

  20. 5535

    Paul is absolutely correct - the 950-series is absolute trash besides the by far best in class cameras.

    I am like the biggest fan of WP there is, but these phones... boring, ugly, bland, and the incredible amount of bugs...

    They truly are not worth even half what Microsoft is asking here, unless all you want out of your phone is an amazing camera.  I changed to iPhone, which also has it's share of, much smaller, glitches, but the camera doesn't begin to compare to the 950 ones.

    This is a Buyer Beware type of situation.

    • 8626

      In reply to pachi:

      I feel very similar to you.  I have a 950 XL,  and it's an absolute joke compared with current mid-range Android devices.  My ZTE Axon 7 looks better and runs smoother.  W10M just isn't the efficient,  buttery smooth, OS WP7-8 were.  That said,  the 950 XL has an ridiculously underrated camera. 

  21. 5842

    I've seen 3 windows phones in the wild this weekend! Having said that I am so [email protected]#$ed that I missed lumia 650 sale. For $99 it would be a steal.

    P.S. This is current comment, not the one from 2014 :) I know that windows mobile is dead but I like it a lot.

  22. 5510

    Nobody wants to buy these phones. They should be giving them away.

    • 7932

      In reply to Bats: Sure hard to find a good one at a giveaway price, for something that is supposedly dead.
      For me, let's just say I'm comfortable in the Microsoft ecosystem. I have no intention of switching to the Google or Apple ecosystem. I've got the apps I want on my new HP Elite (replaced a 1520) and don't really have a lot of intent to search for more. I'm not the type who is easily swayed by any perception to 'vote for the current front runner so I can be on the winning side'. If you like your phone ecosystem, good for you, I like mine, too.
      It actually takes quite a while for a new Windows phone to install and update all the apps I have acquired, most of which barely get any use, when it comes right down to it. But, they are there for times when I need them. I'd bet for the most part, most phone users have no need for a giant app store: they get comfortable with a few things, and that's the end of it.



      • 5134

        In reply to mmcewan:

        same here.

        the first iteration of smart phones turned the relationship of most users from phone users to feeding a tamagotchi

        the second iteration (including the apps/stores) just reverses the roles: the users are being fed by the eco system and turn themselves into a Tamagotchi

        how about they get themselves a life

        statements like "I could not live without the xyz app" - did they ever ask themselves how they lived like a few years ago ? guess they eventually even had a life back then

        • 5663

          In reply to jean:

          It's strange that people seem to forget that they used to live life perfectly well before smartphones. I was a combat engineer, a bomb disposal engineer and a combat signaller for years before 2000 and only had a mobile for my last 2 years. I remember when I was based in Germany and went on a fire NCO course in UK. I used to ring my wife from a call box outside camp to call box in our street in Germany. I guess that's why Im not bothered about a lack of apps. I've got the ones I need. My phone is a 930 on 8.1, but I'm typing this on my 950, only connected via Wi-Fi. I prefer the 930, but the 950 is Ok, I've added a 64gbyte micro SD, plus I got the 950 with the display dock for £249.

          • 5641

            In reply to John_Blair:

            It is different here in Europe on Windows Phone compared to US. We have our Windows Phone transport / train apps, airline apps, banking apps, newspaper apps generally all at UWP level etc. The US don't tend to have this level of support. Equally the US are tied into mobile providers and what they offer wheras we tend to buy the phone outright and then choose SIM-only deals so the price of the phone isn't hidden in the monthly charges and frankly - the US are prepared to pay a lot more for their mobile tech.

            To us (in UK) - a Lumia 950XL costs $290 + Tax to buy with mobile charges around $20 + tax per month (for 12GB 4G data). An equivalent iPhone 7 is $730 + Tax (but SIM plan is same price). Something like the ZTE Axon 7 is $477 + Tax. Windows Phone is almost a no-brainer amongst the tech savvy here.

            • 7102

              In reply to James_Wilson:

              But it seems even the UK banks starting to remove their Windows Phone/Mobile apps now:



              So the future for UWP apps seems not good.

    • 4010

      In reply to Bats:


      Not true. Lumia 950/950 XL is still a very special product that is in demand from savvy consumers who want the very best smartphone experience. I tried using iOS 10 recently, it's so old and tired - Windows 10 just blows it away. Believe me, Windows 10 Mobile has a very big future ahead of it - especially when UWP apps really take off as they are starting to do now.

      • 2305

        In reply to innitrichie:

        Don't bet on UWP to pick up steam anytime soon... and even if they do, its a long way to go... I don't think that UWP is more powerful platform than iOS/Android for Mobile...

        • 5611

          In reply to visu9211:

          Currently UWP and iOS are probably on par purely in terms of mobile, but UWP has a more open API for Cortana than iOS has with Siri, UWP also has access to most of the file system, and UWP also has access to existing Win32 APIs for which iOS has nothing similar. With the Redstone 2 update out in spring, UWP will also gain the Holographic APIs which then easily puts it way ahead.

          • 5641

            In reply to WP7Mango:

            You forgot to mention that a developer can use the same UWP libraries (in addition to the targeted libraries) to write one app for desktop, mobile, Xbox, HoloLens and include sections for all or one of these platoforms. Start with desktop - expand into mobile with minimal effort. iOS is iOS. Same for Android.

            Next year is going to be interesting for Windows 10 and UWP (both desktop, mobile, Xbox and HoloLens)