Tip: Move Your Music Collection to a New Subscription Service

Posted on July 4, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Groove Music, Music + Videos with 34 Comments

Tip: Move Your Music Collection to a New Subscription Service

Those looking to switch digital music services now have an option called Stamp that appears to work semi-universally. This will be particularly interesting to those wishing to leave Groove behind for Spotify or another service.

The only downside is that you’ll have to pay for this service. But Stamp’s prices are one-time and reasonable, especially if you’re serious about moving an entire music collection—your songs and playlists—to a new service.

And, yes, I paid for it—the cost is $10 to $15, depending on which options you need—to make sure it works. (If you don’t pay, you can only transfer 10 songs at a time. So you can experiment with this yourself before you commit.)

Stamp has apps for Windows, Android, and iOS. I used the Windows desktop application, first, and experimented with moving playlists between Groove and Spotify. That worked as expected, and it warned me when the odd song couldn’t be added on the Spotify side, and gave me a way to export that list so I could try manually later.

I also tried the iOS app, and in this case I moved playlists from Groove to Amazon Music, and to Spotify.

Everything worked as expected. For example, when I run the Spotify app on my phone, the new playlists are right there at the top, ready to play.

I’ll keep experimenting with this, but it appears that Stamp solves a real problem and makes your music collection—for those with subscription services, certainly—more portable than ever.


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Comments (34)

34 responses to “Tip: Move Your Music Collection to a New Subscription Service”

  1. Michał Hernas

    Hi, founder of FreeYourMusic.com here ?

    Thank you for such kind words!

    I have a 30% discount code for all Thurrott readers: THURROTT

  2. thisisdonovan

    I'd like to know if this is a paid ad, or just a tip?

    Looks and smells like an ad being passed off as an article.

  3. elainecarey

    Thanks for sharing Stamp to me. I would like to recommend that you guys can backup your Spotify songs in the MP3 format with the help of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter if you want to use Stamp instead of Spotify.

  4. JoshuaCrip

    Transfer your tracks and playlists to Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music and more for free with MusConv :>> https:// musconv.com/

  5. barrygreen

    I tried STAMP but it could not move the whole playlist at once. I googled and found the MusConv.com tool which worked better. I think other tools out there can also do a better job.

  6. Jonne70

    Purchased the service today, trying to move my Spotify playlists to groove. It fails miserably. It forces matching to songs that I have stored in my Onedrive, even if only one word in the title matches. it makes 0 effort to match sportify playlist songs to songs in the online Groove service. Of the 250 songs that it tried to match, about 1-5% were match correctly, the rest a total failure. It doesn't check the artist, it doesn't check the year. One word in the title from Spotify that matches a local mp3 = the service considers a perfect match. DO NOT BUY, this is what I would call a total scam.

  7. lavintek

    This has been a great find/tip. Thanks!

  8. Brandonlpierce

    I've used Soundiiz in the past. Free but doesn't work with Amazon Music IIRC.

  9. Patrick3D

    When the iPhone 7 came out I simply bought the 256GB model so my entire music library could be synced. I forget how I did it but I have everything including FLAC rips stored on the phone and use the "FLAC Player+" app for playback. I've tried streaming services but never got much use out of them, too much "popular music" for my tastes.

  10. zorb56

    I have too many unreleased songs and obscure b-sides by my favorite bands that I can't do without. I love Spotify, but until those tracks can be "matched" it just contains a shell of my collection.

  11. wolters

    I've used this for sometime and it helps but is far from perfect. I can't seem to move my collection/libraries...just playlists.

    I actually have 3 music services and they all serve their purposes but I'd love to settle on one what would work with all my devices. Google Music comes close because of the family plan with YouTube Red. A fantastic deal. If it had an XBOX App and worked by voice command on Amazon Echo, I'd drop my other services. I keep Groove because well, I go all the way back to Zune Pass and I love the XBOX one app. I like Amazon music due to the low cost and how well it works with the Echo's.

    There is no happy medium for me right now. :(

  12. Daekar

    So... I guess I am in the minority in that playlists are something I never ever bother with. Because this service seems silly to me.

    I barely use Spotify or anything else because I just run my MP3s from OneDrive or Google Play, and I usually listen by artist or genre.

    • JudaZuk

      In reply to Daekar: - I barely use playlists either. Only time I use a playlist really is when I use Groove to play music in Forza Horizon 3 on my Xbox , then a playlist is needed (to play it via the games car radio)

    • Rob_Wade

      In reply to Daekar: I'm the same. Never had a need for playlists. I either play a song or a play an album or artist. I don't use Spotify, and I'd kill myself before using Google. I have our family's entire music collection on our server, which has its own Microsoft account. That account has been added to our Office 365 subscription, so we have plenty of OneDrive storage that the collection is backed up to. For music we don't store on our devices (which is a must when you live in a part of the country where access to cell service, much less decent data coverage, is sparse) we can easily access our entire collection from one point.

  13. prettyconfusd

    Sticking with Groove for now, it has improved so much over the past year or two and I prefer it to Spotify for most things. But it's great to see these options, I have often worried what I'll do if/when Microsoft decide to drop Groove and only give us all a months notice.

  14. PlistConverter

    There are other free, advertised or paid services like the website Soundiiz or of course my Windows 10 UWP app Playlist Converter. My app can convert between Spotify, Deezer, Groove and Napster and import iTunes, YouTube and various playlists file formats.

    • NazmusLabs

      In reply to PlistConverter:

      Okay, I tried your app, Playlist Converter. I wasn't able to do anything because it says I need a groove music pass. I have spotify premium as part of my phone plan. I also have groove playlists that contain audio stored on OneDrive and my purchased tracks. I was hoping to transfer those to Spotify. Dissapointed, I suppose.

      P.S. The App UI and the app itself is well made. Good work!

      • PlistConverter

        In reply to NazmusLabs: Thanks for trying the app. The app is indeed for Groove Music Pass playlists and not for the offline or OneDrive playlists. This function is on my todo list...

        • NazmusLabs

          In reply to PlistConverter:

          Well, technically, there is no "offline" or "onedrive" playlists. It's just groove playlist because a playlist can contain a mix of Groove music pass song PLUS, local songs, PLUS OneDrive songs. In fact, the groove music pass songs in the playlist will still be present if your pass expires. Furthermore, if you have the same song in your local library, playlists containing groove music pass songs will recognize the local song and replace the music pass version with the local one just so the playlist is playable!

          Also, consider this scenario. Imagine someone already switched to Spotify. They stopped paying for groove. To ask them to resubscribe to Groove just to transfer the songs is just customer unfriendly. That's because, like I noted, even if the pass expires, the playlist doesn't go away. Same with Spotify. You can let your subscription lapse but your playlist will remain!

          Thanks for making the app better!

    • NazmusLabs

      In reply to PlistConverter:

      I'll take a look at your UWP app, thanks!

      Note to any uwp devs: I refuse to use apps that show laziness by developers, namely: apps with unaligned UI controls, standard Visual Studio templates, and, of course, in your face ads/full-screen ads that appear every 2 seconds or ads so badly placed that they cover UI control elements. I might sound like I'm exaggerating, but sadly, I'm not.

  15. JudaZuk

    Forza Horizon 3 supports Groove, Spotify does not... I prefer Groove anyway so I'm staying put ;)

  16. bassoprofundo

    This looks awesome. I wish I'd seen this when I gave up on Groove about six months ago. I piece-mealed my stuff over to Google Play music, and even with my limited amount of playlists, it seriously sucked.

  17. scumdogmillionaire

    I'm a Groove fan. We have 3 Xbox Ones in the house because they're our main entertainment source from TV to Netflix and Hulu and finally, Groove. Likewise we have three, yes three, Groove Music Passes for each member of the family, paid annually. I also listen to Groove on my Surface Book most of the day while I work.

    But... this week we got an Amazon Echo. And well, that's a lot easier to deal with music. Groove has a very limited window with me for it to get on board with a family plan as well as Echo support or it's sayonara Groove.

    • kcarson97404

      In reply to scumdogmillionaire:

      I just made the move from Groove to Spotify due to Amazon Echo support. I miss the look and feel of Groove on Windows, but the Android app for Groove was terrible and I never was able to get my XBox One to play Groove while playing a game. With Echo support, a new windows Store version, a superior Android experience, a family plan, and more robust community, I'm afraid after many years, Microsoft has lost me as a Groove customer.

  18. dangreen

    Use www.musconv.com tool to move your music collection

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