Netflix Reportedly Planning a Cheaper Price Tier in Some Markets

Posted on November 12, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Music + Videos with 7 Comments

Netflix is reportedly planning to introduce lower prices in some markets. The company’s service, which comes at $7.99 per month (with other premium prices available), is not really affordable to the mass in some markets like India, where Netflix is slowly becoming immensely popular.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings shared the company’s plans. The details of the lower prices are unclear, though it seems like Netflix will offer lower-priced tiers along with the plans that are already available in some of these markets. The lower-priced tiers will probably come with fewer features, like a smaller catalog of content, mainly focusing on Netflix Originals, for example.

The lower-priced tier could really help Netflix expand its reach in developing countries like India. Hastings says there are around 100 million potential customers for Netflix in India, and with the company investing heavily on original content for the country, it’s seemingly become a top priority for the firm. Most of Netflix’s potential customers probably can’t afford to pay $7.99 a month for the service, so a new, cheaper subscription plan could help change that.

And with new competition like Disney+ and Apple TV, the cheaper price plans may even get expanded globally as Netflix gets ready for the upcoming competition.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Netflix Reportedly Planning a Cheaper Price Tier in Some Markets”

  1. Bats

    Yeah..... to make up the difference, I bet we (in the US) get a price increase.

  2. fbman

    In South Africa, they recently starting charging in local currency. I pay R 99 a month for the entry level netflix (about $7), maybe this is what they mean.

    I get all the content available in my region.

  3. irfaanwahid

    I am really waiting for the day when US/Western regions contents becomes more widely available in other countries, eg Kenya in my case.

    There are really good shows and movies that are not available in my country. Though I must give credit, compared to Amazon Prime, Netflix's list grows way quicker and faster.

  4. Tony Barrett

    I can see Netflix offsetting this with price increases in the established western markets. They are already testing a higher tier UHD+HDR package, and I do notice even though I'm currently on the highest tier in the UK, there are a lot less UHD+HDR streams available. They either show as 'Ultra HD 4k' or 'HDR' but rarely both now.

  5. kflott

    I need a tier that only includes The Office since that's basically all we watch on it :P