Pocket Casts 7 Brings New UX, New Features

Posted on November 15, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile, iOS, Android, Mac and macOS, Music + Videos, Windows 10 with 11 Comments

My favorite podcasting app is getting a big update this week, albeit only in Beta form on Android. It brings a nicely updated user experience and several useful new features.

“Podcasting fans are deeply engaged and passionate about their favorite shows,” Pocket Casts CEO Owen Grover says in a prepared statement. “They deserve a listening experience that’s easy to use, powerful and flexible. With this release, we’ve made it simpler than ever before to find great new shows and listen across a host of different platforms.”

New features in Pocket Casts 7 include:

Refined user experience. While it hasn’t been completely overhauled, the Pocket Casts UX has been improved in ways both subtle and major. The sidebar navigation has been replaced by tabs, the display modes have all been refined, and a number of platform-specific improvements have been made. For example, on Android, Pocket Casts takes on a more modern Material Design-inspired look, and on iOS, it now supports AirPlay 2 playback effects and Siri Shortcuts.

Play without subscribing. Now, you can simply download or play any individual podcast episode without subscribing first. Kind of a no-brainer.

Episode search. As you might expect, this feature helps you find specific podcast topics and guests.

Up next sync. Now, Pocket Casts will sync its Up next list between devices so you can more easily pick up where you left off on other devices.

Improved discovery. Using a combination of algorithms and human beings, Pocket Casts has improved its suggestions so that you can more easily find podcasts that might be of interest to you.

Pocket Casts 7 is now available on iOS, web, Mac, and Windows 10. Android users can sign-up for the open beta and test the new features that way.

Note that the app is not free; indeed, you have to pay for its separately on each platform. But it is, by far, my favorite podcasting solution and is highly recommended. (And yes, I’ve purchased it on Android, iOS, and web.)


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Pocket Casts 7 Brings New UX, New Features”

  1. dcdevito

    I love PocketCasts, my only issue I have with it (Android, Pixel 2 XL) is that album art doesn't seem to update on its own.

  2. wolters

    I'd prefer to use Google Podcasts so that I get the "resume" options on my Google Home devices but I get let go of PocketCasts, especially since it still has a widget. This is very nice.

  3. captobie

    I was so excited about the Up Next sync feature, but since updating Pocket Casts yesterday my Up Next queue has been erased twice.

  4. Ruvger

    Ouch, this is a really poor update. The UX is terrible.

  5. edzucker

    I use it on the web and Android. Both are very useful.

  6. wunderbar

    I'm trying not to say that I hate the new UI, but it is going to take some getting used to. some of the things I did every day in the prior version take more taps and swipes in the new UI than before.

    It's also way less information dense, not ideal when you have a lot of podcasts.

    • mattbg

      In reply to wunderbar:

      Agree - I'm a bit put off by the assumption that as a user you will steadfastly adhere to an Up Next list to determine what you listen to next regardless of device. That's now how I listen to podcasts.

      But, it will take some time to understand how they want me to use this - it's quite a jarring update at first.

  7. Vladimir Carli

    Why is the windows 10 version lagging behind so much in comparison with the others? Its not even possible to use it offline...


    • tmikolaj

      In reply to Vladimir:

      I was inquiring them about that some time ago, so the main reason is a small developer team (maybe it changed since they were acquired). Also, Win 10 app is a wrapper for their web app, so it doesn't make sense to have download feature for web app. Still, Win 10 app is a beta version of web app, so one cay say they progress faster with Win 10 app than with web app :)

  8. greenloco

    Okay I have used it since Paul recommended it and have liked it. Have the new version for a day, mostly unimpressed. Will give it a day or two, but will most likely go back to old version. (Android version.)

  9. arthikdisha

    Its a big news indeed.Pocket has already made our lives worry free. Now coming up with a big redesign. Waiting for the new updates.