Spotify Testing New Playback Interface

Posted on February 1, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Music + Videos, Spotify with 7 Comments

Spotify is testing an improved interface for playback on its iOS app. The company is testing a tweaked interface that re-organizes some parts of the playback interface.

Spotify started testing a new interface for its app a little while ago which included a looping video for some songs, and that came with an improved UI for the playback controls, etc. However, songs that didn’t support these looping videos (“Video Covers”) continued to have the old interface for playback. Moreover, the new UI for these looping videos didn’t include the “Behind The Lyrics” feature, either.

The new interface helps solve that issue by putting the Behind The Lyrics feature underneath the playback controls, making the interface scrollable. It also unifies the playback controls for both songs with looping videos and those with a regular cover image. There still isn’t an option to turn off Video Covers.

Spotify continues to provide the Behind The Lyrics feature via Genius, which means you still can’t get full lyrics from the app. Instead, you only get some tidbits from Genius, which are actually very interesting but the lack of complete lyrics for songs can be annoying as you have to manually search up the lyrics somewhere else.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Spotify Testing New Playback Interface”

  1. pargon

    Which one is new? Have this issue a lot Mehedi, your articles are never very always leave out version numbers so people can't tell if they already have the update or not. Spotify looks a lot like them both on my android phone; different songs in the 2 shots so not sure what is supposed to be displayed currently vs the new version.

    My Pixel suddenly has a driving mode which is combination look between the two I'd say. Is this regular mode or new driving mode update? Is spotify on iOS behind the Android version? Always interesting to see the changes you present on things, but never an easy way to tell what I'm looking at vs what I already have. Lack of clarity and detail.

    • Mehedi Hassan

      In reply to Pargon:

      First sentence, "iOS".

      Second paragraph clearly states there were two different UIs for playback control depending on if a song had a video cover.

      Third paragraph says it unified things.

      If the screenshot was comparing two different versions, there would be clear text indicating Old vs New, which it isn't, meaning all the screenshots of the new version.

      What's the confusion?

      • pargon

        In reply to Mehedi:

        Didn't say it wasn't a comparison. That was the confusion for one. I'm aware it's for iOS, but usually these things are similar for Android and iOS. My post was also like "what's new? maybe we'll get this update soon on Android? Maybe I already have it? I don't know, looks the same to me.

        Why would you not show the old vs new? Without a caption "new look" one would assume with 2 different sets of images that it's a comparison of old vs new. Maybe that's just me....I'm an engineer and our style of writing is very explicit and complete. Hard to see what's changed otherwise.

        My statement still stands, your articles are routinely lacking of detail. It looks the same as spotify always did maybe I already have this update.

        Your post about changes to spotify for Cortana on Xbox was really bad, took me about an hour to find out that I already had the version and needed to enable settings from my PC to make it all link up and work properly. So now I generally assume that you left out important details, I wouldn't have if it was more explicit. Sorry that you don't think you're being unclear but can you see my point?

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