Netflix Gets Smarter About Downloads on iOS

Posted on February 7, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Music + Videos with 3 Comments

Netflix launched Smart Downloads on Android back in July of last year. The feature essentially automated downloads on Netflix so that you never have to wait for something to download when you are on the go. And today, the company is bringing the feature to iOS.

Smart Downloads automatically downloads the next episode for a show you are watching once you finish the current episode. Once downloaded, Netflix automatically removes the previously downloaded episodes, making more space available for future downloads. This way, Netflix automatically does all the work for your downloads so you can keep watching shows without having to worry about manually downloading them or deleting the episodes to make space for new ones.

Netflix says the feature is available on its Windows 10 app as well, though we aren’t sure when exactly that launched. Either way, Smart Downloads is now available on all the three major platforms:

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Netflix Gets Smarter About Downloads on iOS”

  1. Brazbit

    Good to know about this feature so I can turn it off. I hate "smart" services that download and delete data without consent. I don't want my device full of what someone else thinks I might want to view next and I don't want my favorite episode of a show disappearing just because some algorithm decided that I have seen it already. This sort of service is what wiped out special events I had been saving for a long time just to predictively download movies that I had no interest in on my DVR a few years ago.

    • William Clark

      In reply to Brazbit:

      Well, I haven't used this Netflix feature but when I used Tivo some years ago it had none of these problems. Tivo would never delete user content over suggested content. It would let you protect content from accidental deletion and if I recall correctly you could prioritize content by genre and/or type (Tv vs Movie for example) and set limits on how much storage to use for recommended content.

      I would find this feature useful as I occasionally find myself travelling and unable to connect to the Internet or not having sufficient performance to stream videos. Having something stored locally allows me to watch something I'd be interested in.

  2. PcGuy8088

    As a subscriber to Netflix close to 7 years I am seriously considering axing my account before my current billing period ends. I find that Netflix has left their apps on some platforms suffer aka Roku in favor of spending $100m for Friends. Features/options that should be available via the app have to be performed from the website UI.

    The service at least to me seems to be headed like cable tv. They seem to push out more shows/releases (quantity) rather than quality at times. I spend more time trying to find, via the Roku app, something that is worth while but all I get is frustrated. I have lost count how many times I have given up in frustration. Being in Canada some of the selections are not always available and Netflix is jacking up the rates yet again here.