Disney+ Brings Back ‘Continue Watching’ Feature

Posted on November 26, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Disney+, Music + Videos with 1 Comment

When Disney+ launched earlier this month, fans were really excited — so much so that the service had a lot of reliability problems and was struggling to handle the demand. As a result, Disney started removing some features, like the Continue Watching section, to help deal with the influx of users, reports Cord Cutters News.

And now, Disney is bringing the same feature back for all users. If you have a Disney+ subscription, you will now start seeing the new Continue Watching section on the app (via 9to5Google).

Continue Watching, for those unfamiliar, essentially shows you a list of things you watched before, and lets you continue watching where you left off before. It’s available in almost all video streaming services, so it’s not something unique on Disney+.

The feature seems to have been enabled on the server-side, so you won’t actually need to update your Disney+ app to get it to show up. It was pretty weird to see Disney removing the feature in the first place, considering how important such a feature is for the viewing experience. Either way, now that Disney has managed to deal with the demand and things have become more stabilized, it makes sense for the feature to make a comeback.

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One response to “Disney+ Brings Back ‘Continue Watching’ Feature”

  1. Daekar

    It is interesting to me that this was a feature whose removal could boost server performance. I always assumed that it was little more than a short list of unique IDs and timestamps associated with each user profile, but perhaps that is incorrect.

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