Disney+ Launching Earlier Than Expected in Europe

Posted on January 21, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Disney+, Music + Videos with 9 Comments

Walt Disney Company’s video streaming service Disney+ has been available in the United States for a little while now, but fans in Europe are still waiting for Disney’s classic shows and (mainly) Baby Yoda to make their way to Europe.

The wait is going to end sooner than expected, though. Disney+ was originally supposed to launch on the 31st of March in some European countries, including the United Kingdom, but that’s getting moved up.

Disney+ will now launch a week earlier than expected on the 24th of March. The service will be available for £5.99 a month, or €6.99 a month when it launches in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland.

Disney will also be offering annual subscription options for Disney+, priced at £59.99 or €69.99. The company plans to expand Disney+’s availability to other Western Europe markets, including Belgium, Portugal, and the Nordics sometime in Summer 2020 as well.

Disney+’s initial launch day in the United States led to the service struggling to deal with high demand, forcing Disney to disable some features to cope with the demand. It will be interesting to see if the demand for Disney+ is going to be just as high in the European markets, and whether Disney+ is now prepared to deal with such high demand or not.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Disney+ Launching Earlier Than Expected in Europe”

  1. ben lee

    Yoda is dead, its called The Child, this is a hill I'm going to die I think. lol

  2. Althalus

    Is the €69.99 with 4k streaming ?

    • markwibaux

      In reply to Althalus:

      As far as I am aware, Disney+ doesn't have different levels of subscription, it certainly doesn't in Australia and I would hope that it is no different in other regions. You get up to 4 streams in whatever format the source material is in.

      From the FAQ

      Disney+ offers a growing library of content in 4K Ultra HD and HDR at no additional cost on top of your subscription fees. Supported video formats for a given title can be found in the DETAILS section under each title.

  3. sbink

    We had it in The Netherlands before US rollout. Netherlands is a European country. ?

  4. brian_c

    Wonder what will happen to my DisneyLife subscription. Will I just wake up on the 24th to loads of extra content in the app?

    Does the Disney+ app allow auto play? My daughter is a big fan of Minnie's Bow-Toons, each episode is 2mins long, and when chomecasted the DisneyLife app only plays a single episode, and doesn't remember what episode it last played. So I have to manually select each episode when the previous one ends, and remember what she has just watched so I don't play the same one again. Paw Patrol on netflix may be annoying, but at least you can just press play and forget about it.

  5. StevenLayton

    I'll take a week early, but when I saw the headline I was hoping for sooner! This service will tick all of the boxes for our family TV use for a while!

  6. fbman

    I wish it would come to South Africa, but we not even on 2 year "worldwide" rollout plan.

    So the only we will see baby Yoda is via torrents.. And hollywood wonder why people pirate shows. This regional releasing of shows is causing piracy. I think Netlix has successfully demonstrated that a world wide release at once does lower piracy.. if you read articles listing the top 10 most pirated shows, and none of them are netflix originals .