Samsung Issue Major Software Update for Galaxy Buds

Posted on April 27, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Mobile, Music + Videos with 0 Comments

Samsung has issued a major software update for the original Galaxy Buds that adds some features that were previously exclusive to Buds+.

“Samsung is bringing new connectivity features to Galaxy Buds through a software update, available starting today,” the announcement explains. “Previously available on Galaxy Buds+, the features allow Galaxy Buds users to now go completely wireless and take their music more easily than ever before – whether it’s on a run, at your workspace, or around your home.”

Here’s what’s new.

Windows 10 Swift Pair support. Now, you can easily pair Galaxy Buds with a PC using the Swift Pair feature in Windows 10.

Multiple device support. Now, you can pair Buds with multiple devices across mobile and PC.

Automatic Ambient Sound. For the first time, owners of the original Buds can experience automatic  Ambient Sound, where the sounds of the world around can be heard while you listen to music or other content. Additionally, Ambient Sound now works with only one earbud in, as well.

Single press access to a recent playlist. Spotify users can access their most recently-played playlist on Galaxy Buds with a single press (OK, really a “tap and hold” gesture. Or, tap and hold again and Spotify will recommend playlists for you so you can more easily discover new music.

To update Galaxy Buds, open the Galaxy Buds app on your Android handset or iPhone; you’ll be alerted about the update.

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