HBO and HBO Max Have Over 67.5 Million Subscribers

Posted on July 22, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Music + Videos with 1 Comment

HBO and HBO Max added 10.7 million new subscribers over the past year and the services now have a combined 67.5 million subscribers.

“The only thing I can promise you is change,” WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar said when asked about competition in the streaming video market. “There is no doubt that change is coming, and that’s appropriate because we live in a dynamic time.”

47 million of HBO/HBO Max’s subscribers are in the United States and WarnerMedia expects the services to have 70 million to 73 million total subscribers by the end of 2021. By comparison, Netflix, the market leader, now has 209 million subscribers, 66 million of which are in the US.

HBO is about to have new corporate parents, too: WarnerMedia is being sold off to Discovery along with its properties, which also include CNN, Turner, and Warner Bros.

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One response to “HBO and HBO Max Have Over 67.5 Million Subscribers”

  1. jbinaz

    I'm curious how many of those are paying customers vs. those who get it included with the mobile service from AT&T.