Halo’s First Episode is Free to Watch on YouTube in the US

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Games, Music + Videos, YouTube with 6 Comments

The first episode of Halo The Series is now free to watch on YouTube, no Paramount+ subscription required. This first episode will only be available on YouTube for a week, and it also seems to be restricted to the US.

Unfortunately for Halo fans, Paramount+ is currently only available in the US, Latin America, Canada, the Nordics, and Australia. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, though, you can get a free 30-day Paramount+ trial with your subscription to watch the first episodes of this new Halo TV show.

After some early positive buzz, Halo The Series has already become Paramount+’s most-watched original show in just 24 hours. The second episode that aired this week also received positive reviews overall, with most critics praising how the series manages to put a different twist on the iconic video game franchise.

Despite being in production for almost a decade, this first season of Halo The Series, which will include 9 episodes, was apparently well worth the wait. The show has already been renewed for a second season, which is a good sign of Paramount+’s commitment to the science fiction series. The streaming service, which had 32 million subscribers as of February 2022 is also expected to launch in select European markets in the second half of 2022.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Halo’s First Episode is Free to Watch on YouTube in the US”

  1. jecouch66

    I found the first episode entertaining. The writing is mediocre at best, and some of the movement CGI during the battle scenes were, um, questionable in quality. I have never played the Halo series so I don't know much about it. My sons and some friends were disappointed with the story because it doesn't seem to follow the lore of the game as close as they'd like.

    • rm

      I agree some of the CGI was not great.

      Also, the shield down and shield recharge sounds taken directly from the game sound out of place. I think it was because there was no HUD displayed on the screen. The sounds in part were done while looking out of the spartan helmet, but no hud to reenforce what was happening with the sound. Basically, if you don't know the game you were wondering what the sounds were.

  2. j5

    I'm enjoying! I've stopped listening/watching reviews of franchise movie/tv shows and I've enjoyed them so much more since then. Yeah the CGI isn't movie quality and it's not filled with award winning veteran actors but it's a freaking TV show on Paramount+ lol so I mean come on.

  3. parrottm

    Halo game fans will probably not like the series. People who are new to the franchise MIGHT like it, but the CGI is disappointing. The fact that the production team have not played any of the games, or having admitted to knowing the lore, it makes me wonder why even call it Halo, other than to take advantage of the fan base, who probably will not watch the series, long term. Having characters that only vaguely resemble fan favorites is not a recipe for total and long term success.

    • j5

      I'm a big Halo fan, played the games and have a Master Chief Mega Construct helmet sitting on my desk. I'm enjoying the show.

  4. rosyna

    As a Showtime production, Halo is also available in markets where Showtime exists but Paramount+ does not. You’ll also likely be able to find it on services that air new episodes of Picard and and Discovery