Netflix is Reportedly Working on Live Streaming Features

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Music + Videos, Netflix with 3 Comments

Netflix is working on new live streaming features to make some of its shows more interactive. The company confirmed to Deadline that these live streaming features were in the early stage of development, with a small team working on them ahead of a possible future implementation on Netflix’s unscripted shows and comedy specials.

The Deadline report suggests that Netflix could use its live-streaming technology to add live voting to Dance 100, the platform’s upcoming street dance competition series. However, there could be many other use cases including stand-up comedy specials or live reunions for Netflix’s reality shows.

“The move opens up the potential to order a whole new raft of unscripted series to use the technology, bringing it in to line with the linear networks, which often air live specials for big competition series such as ABC’s American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, which is moving to Disney+,” the report emphasized.

As Netflix is currently facing a growth problem, it’s interesting to see the platform starting to experiment with ideas and formats popularized by old-school network television. If Netflix never had advertising until now, the company is also reportedly considering launching new ad-supported plans to attract new subscribers.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Netflix is Reportedly Working on Live Streaming Features”

  1. richfrantz

    Concerts. That's all.

    • jchampeau

      I'm surprised Spotify or Apple hasn't jumped on this. Maybe the concert promoters won't allow it because they are concerned people will stay home and watch instead of buying tickets, but anyone who attends concerts knows there's no comparison between watching on a screen and being there in person.

  2. johnh3

    I suppose Netflix will decline even more going forward. Not because its a bad service. But the competition getting harder. Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, Disney etc..

    And Netflix is expensive also.