Google TV Starts Rolling Out Personalized Profiles

Posted on May 23, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Music + Videos, Google TV with 3 Comments

Google TV has started rolling out personalized profiles on the Google Chromecast with Google TV, as well as recent smart TVs from Sony and TCL (via 9to5Google). The feature will allow different users in a household to set up their own profiles with their Google account, similar to how user profiles work on Apple TV or Amazon’s Fire TV platform.

On Google TV, personalized profiles provide access to a personalized watchlist as well as TV and movie recommendations tailored for your own tastes. Users can also summon Google assistant to get personalized answers while asking for recommendations.

When setting up new profiles on Google TV, your downloaded apps and login details will be available across all profiles. However, Google confirmed to 9to5Google that Google’s own apps such as YouTube will automatically switch profiles based on the current account using Google TV.

Google initially announced personalized profiles for Google TV back in October 2021, but the feature was later delayed to an unknown date. The feature will now roll out gradually and the company told 9to5Google that all Google TV users should get access to personalized profiles within the “next few weeks.”

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Google TV Starts Rolling Out Personalized Profiles”

  1. gregsedwards

    So, basically the way Xbox has been doing it for almost a decade. But slightly worse.

  2. IanYates82

    We'll probably use this. Main reason being that my YouTube feed gets full of garbage that my kids watch on the TV. This would stop that.

    Otherwise we've been fine since Netflix, Disney, Amazon all do their own profile management anyway. It'd be smart if the apps could know how one of their profiles should be default selected based on the Google tv profile in use.

  3. mikegalos

    Can't properly sell ad-targeting if you don't know who is using the device.