Roku Users Will Soon See Shoppable Ads from Walmart

Posted on June 17, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Music + Videos with 5 Comments

Roku announced yesterday a new pilot program with Walmart to bring shoppable ads to Roku devices. The two companies are joining forces to make TV streaming “the next ex-commerce shopping destination,” promising a seamless shopping experience for viewers and access to detailed data for marketers.

“No one has cracked the code around video shoppability. By working with Roku, we’re the first to market retailer to bring customers a new shoppable experience and seamless checkout on the largest screen in their homes – their TV,” said William White, chief marketing officer at Walmart.

When seeing a shoppable ad on their TV screens, Roku users will just need to press “OK” on their remote to proceed to checkout, and they’ll have their payment details already pre-filled by Roku’s payments platform. There will be no QR codes involved or redirections to Walmart’s website to complete a purchase, which is actually quite convenient.

“Roku’s purpose-built advertising tech stack will bring all the benefits of streaming TV advertising – targeting, optimization, and measurement – to the commerce partnership,” Roku explained in the press release. In addition to being able to measure these shoppable ads, marketers will also be able to create “custom creative and branded content built for TV streaming and shopping.”

The press release didn’t explicitly say where these new shoppable ads from Walmart would appear, but Techcrunch learned they will show up first on the free ad-supported Roku Channel before rolling out to other channels. “Future iterations of this pilot will look for opportunities to build deeper commerce experiences that meet customers where they are,” Roku also said in the announcement.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Roku Users Will Soon See Shoppable Ads from Walmart”

  1. DataMeister

    I wish someone like Silicon Dust, who doesn't seem consumed by the prospect of advertiser revenue, would build an ad-free streaming box. Maybe using Android TV, with a custom launcher to keep ads out of the interface.

    • ChuckD6421

      Exactly why I checked in here. I'd love to cut the cable and go to streaming, but it seems to me if I pay a subscription that's were the money-making should end. I'm not interested in a machine recommending things, or what the hottest trends are, or any other kind of monitoring of our viewing habits. I'm not stupid and realize it's pervasive across the internet. That doesn't make it OK.

  2. rmlounsbury

    Ha, Google might use my data to advertise to me. But I don't have to deal with the BS on Chomecast w/Google TV. I've never been a fan of Roku.

  3. harmjr

    I wonder if they will inject this into the apps on Roku as well. All I ever do is use Roku to start my Netflix or HBO so as long as they keep to the right side of the screen. I could care less. But if they start impleading my actions to watch a 30 second add. I'm out.

  4. TallGuySE

    Very happy with my AppleTV 4K and it’s integration with the Apple ecosystem and it’s integration with most streaming apps (Netflix chose to be the outlier). My Sony TV hasn’t gotten a security update in literally a year, while the Apple TV will be updated to the latest OS this fall. Yeah it’s a little pricey but IMHO with the price.