Google TV is Getting Better Performance And Storage Management

Posted on August 23, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Google TV, Music + Videos, Smart Home with 0 Comments

Google is updating its Google TV software to improve performance and help users to free up storage when they need to. Google TV made its debut on Google’s new Chromecast with Google TV two years ago, but it has since made its way to Smart TVs as a replacement for the existing Android TV interface.

“Through CPU optimizations and improvements to cache management, we’ve reduced the time it takes for the Google TV home screen to load at startup so you can start browsing shows and movies faster,” a Google employee explained on a support page yesterday.

The performance improvements should apply to many areas of the Google TV interface including the For You Tab and the Live tab. Switching to kids profiles is also faster than before. “Google TV now uses less RAM so once you’ve picked out what you want to watch, you should have a better viewing experience where everything is more stable and moves a little faster,” the company added.

In addition to these performance improvements, Google TV is also getting a “Free up storage” option in Settings. This new menu will let users clear their cache and remove apps that they’re not using. Considering that a device like the Chromecast with Google TV only comes with 8GB of storage, this should be a welcome addition.

The Google TV performance improvements have just started to roll out and will be available on all devices over time, Google said yesterday. As for the “Free up space” option in Settings, it rolled out first to Google’s Chromecast devices, with other smart TVs using Google TV to follow soon.

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