YouTube Will Let All Users Pick Up a Custom Handle and URL

Posted on October 10, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Cloud, Social, Music + Videos, YouTube with 5 Comments

Google announced today that all YouTube users with a channel will soon be able to choose the @handle of their choice. This unique identifier will simplify interactions on the platform and help users make sure they’re mentioning the right channels.

YouTube handles won’t have to be the same as a channel name or a custom channel URL. Until now, the platform had a requirement of 100+ subscribers to create a custom URL for a channel, though with this new YouTube handle system, all channels will be able to claim a custom URL. Moreover, existing custom URLs for a channel will continue to redirect to it and the new handle URL.

“With this update, all channels will have a unique URL based on their handle,” the YouTube team explained. “In the coming months, people will be able to use your handle across YouTube in comments, mentions, in Shorts & more.”

YouTube expects to roll out YouTube handles to all users by November 14th. If you don’t pick up your handle by this time, YouTube will automatically assign one to your channel based on its channel name. However, you’ll still be able to change this handle at any point.

Overall, YouTube getting a straightforward handle system is a positive change, especially when it comes to choosing custom URLs. Currently, YouTube channels that don’t have enough subscribers to get one are stuck with a randomized selection of alphanumeric characters as their URL.

As you can guess, though, YouTube will have some handle naming guidelines in place to make sure users don’t abuse the system. You can get more details on this upcoming handle system on this support page.

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