Google TV Users Are Now Seeing Real Ads Next to Content Suggestions

Google has reportedly started showing actual ads on its Google TV platform in addition to traditional content recommendations. In a Reddit thread spotted by 9to5Google, a Google TV user in India shared a picture of the Google TV interface on a OnePlus TV showing an ad for an Indian phone retailer promoting an iPhone.

In the Reddit thread, other Google TV users complained about seeing the same type of ads. “The other day I started up my Sony with Google TV built-in only to see an ad for Chrysler on the banner,” one user wrote, adding that this new type of ads first appeared on their Sony TV last May.

Image credit: venky61

Google makes the majority of its revenue from advertising, so it’s probably not surprising to see the company pushing more ads to its Google TV interface. Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices aren’t much better in that regard, unfortunately.

Just like Android, Google TV supports third-party app launchers, though it’s currently not possible to make these apps the system default. This means that you’ll need to open the launcher of your choice every time you turn your Google TV. While this isn’t ideal, users still have some freedom of choice if they find the Google TV interface becoming too cluttered with ads.

Google TV is currently coexisting with the older Android TV interface on smart TVs, but the latter is now on its way out. Google announced earlier this month that both platforms had a combined userbase of over 150 million monthly active users, a Google is continuing to work with smart TV manufacturers to push Google TV on more new devices.

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