Tip: Sync Accounts with Disney to Get Your Movies Anywhere

Posted on September 8, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Music + Videos with 0 Comments

Tip: Sync Accounts with Disney to Get Your Movies Anywhere

Today’s announcement that you can now sync your Microsoft Movies & TV account with Disney Movies Anywhere in the US didn’t originally seem all that interesting to me. But there is a legitimate benefit to this expansion: now, you can access all of the eligible Disney movies you purchased elsewhere in Movies & TV, and vice versa.

To test this, I purchased “Avengers: Age of Ultron” today on iTunes. (It was just released today.) Then, I visited the Disney Movies Anywhere web site and created a new account there. With that done, I synced my new Disney account to my accounts, in turn, with iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and Microsoft. In most of these cases, you do so via a web interface at the other account. (Apple uses the iTunes application in Windows instead. Because Apple.)


As it turns out, I’ve purchased at least one Disney-owned movie from each service. And now they’re all available on each service … regardless of where they were originally purchased. Also, Disney is running a promotion where you get the movies “Monsters, Inc.” for free when you sync any account. So that movie was added to all of my accounts as well.

So, for example. In iTunes, I can see the “Avengers” movie I just purchased, plus “Monsters, Inc.”, right in Recently Added. (And if I look through the full collection, I see other movies from other services, like the first Avengers movie, which I had purchased from Microsoft.)


Launching Movies & TV in Windows 10, I see the same: The “Avengers” and “Monsters, Inc.” movies I just got from elsewhere, plus a few other movies from other services. (For example, “National Treasure,” which I purchased from Amazon for some reason.)


And, as you would expect, these movies behave normally: You can stream them, or download them to the current PC as usual.

Good stuff.

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