Thurrott Daily: December 28

Thurrott Daily: December 28
Logan Airport, one year ago this week.

It’s always a bit slow, news-wise, over the holidays. But here are a few tidbits from around the web.

Microsoft Casual Games team announces their next game

As you may recall, the Microsoft Casual Games team let users vote to see which game they’ll make next. Well, we have a winner.

We tallied up the votes and it was extremely close but, in the end, the game that was voted for most, and the game we will build next is Microsoft Ultimate Word Games!

Microsoft Ultimate Word Games beat out Casino Collection, Chess, Hearts, and Bubble. I have to think Microsoft Hearts was the runner up.

It’s baaaaaack: New images of Google Glass emerge

Just when you thought that Google’s creepiest product ever had bit the dust, it turns out it’s just been waiting on a sequel. First spotted by 9to5Google, which has to be just about the saddest blog on the Internet, the FCC is now listing pictures of the next Google Glass.

Google’s next move for Glass is clearly into the enterprise, and the device that Google is using to make this move, appropriately dubbed “Enterprise Edition,” has improved internal hardware, and a new look built around a button-and-hinge system made for working environments. As you can tell, the device doesn’t look all too different than the previous Google Glass: Explorer Edition, but foldability was one of the previous version’s most-requested features — and now it’s part of the design.


“Samsung may unveil flagship Galaxy S7 on February 20 — in two sizes”

Hey, you never know.

“How to Set Up Your New Windows 10 PC”

Right. Because we turn to Yahoo Tech for this information. 🙂

“Will The Rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone Run iOS Apps Natively On Launch?”


A nice reminder about why it’s a good idea to buy music from

I received the following email from Amazon late last week:

Your past purchase of a physical album by The Beatles entitles you to a free digital MP3 version of the album. You can access your free digital copy by navigating to the ‘Purchased’ tab of Your Music Library.

Brought to you by AutoRip, our service that provides free digital MP3 versions of eligible physical music albums purchased from Amazon. Learn more about AutoRip.

Very nice. And the quality is good, too: 256 Kbps AAC.


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