BYOPC: Let’s Build a “Woku”

BYOPC: Let's Build a "Woku"

I’m tired of waiting for Microsoft to make what I think of as a “Woku,” a Windows-based Roku-type device that I can use inexpensively and elegantly access my Windows 10-based media apps and services. So let’s build one for ourselves.

What I want to do is access Microsoft’s Groove and Movies & TV apps, plus Photos, in my living room. With a remote. Using a device that is silent, fanless, and inexpensive. If Microsoft would just make those apps available on a Roku—or on Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV, whatever—that would do the trick. Heck, Microsoft doesn’t even let you use its Android-based apps with Chromecast.

The Xbox One S, elegant as it is, is still an expensive solution to a problem that can today be solved by devices that cost under $100. But I’m thinking a Raspberry Pi 3 with a nice case and a media remote should do the trick. And that such a thing could cost under $100.

You can picture it, right? Start in full-screen mode, with the entertainment apps—Microsoft’s, plus Roku, Hulu, and so on—pinned sized large for ready access.

So let me know what you think.

Right now, I’m thinking a Raspberry Pi 3 ($35) with a power supply ($10), an inexpensive case (~$8) and some kind of media remote. Maybe this one ($15). Plus an HDMI cable, though I guess Miracast might work. Total cost of those parts—again, not final—is $68, not including taxes and shipping. Not bad at all.

So, again. Let me know what you think. Let’s do this thing. 🙂


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