Apple TV+ Comes to Google TV

Posted on February 18, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Apple TV+ with 14 Comments

Google announced today that Apple TV+ is available on Chromecast with Google TV and will come to more Google TV devices in the near future.

“Google TV gives users with subscriptions to Apple TV+ the ability to tune into award-winning original shows, movies and documentaries from the world’s most creative storytellers,” Google’s Jonathan Zepp writes. “You can enjoy Apple Originals, your library of movie and TV show purchases from Apple, as well as personalized and curated recommendations and Apple TV channels. And with Family Sharing, up to six family members can share subscriptions to Apple TV+ and Apple TV channels.”

Additionally, those in the U.S. can browse Apple Originals in their Google TV personalized recommendations and search results without having to first run the app. You can also use Google Assistant’s voice control functionality to open the Apple TV app or play an Apple Original title.

Looking ahead, Apple TV+ will soon be available on Google TVs from Sony and TCL, and it will roll out to more Android TV-powered devices in the coming months, Google says.

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Comments (15)

15 responses to “Apple TV+ Comes to Google TV”

  1. canamrotax

    In related news, hell froze over.

    • ianbetteridge

      In reply to canamrotax:

      In common with most companies, Apple, and Google, and Microsoft all compete in areas and collaborate in others. Microsoft and Apple compete indirectly as operating systems vendors. Yet in apps, they work together pretty closely (as you can see from the quality of the Office iOS apps). Likewise Apple and Google are partners via search on iOS, and Apple makes a tonne of money from that. Companies ate mostly composed of grown-ups, not kids who take their ball home if they don't always win

  2. markbyrn

    Would prefer they put Google Stadia on the Chromecast with Google TV.

  3. nadal

    I don't understand why the apple tv app rolls out on android in such a device specific way. Why isn't it just available for android tv generally? I can't think of other major media apps that only work on some Android devices and not others.

  4. crunchyfrog

    Am I the only one who doesn't like, Ted Lasso?

  5. crunchyfrog

    Look at these kids playing nice and sharing their toys. What could go wrong?

  6. IanYates82

    I recently bought a Google TV. It has done wonders to turn a dumb flat panel TV into something smart, and its remote control even does the TV on/off and volume. Fantastic service and it means we don't power up the xbox anywhere near as often - it's now exclusively for gaming again. Even when we just had a chromecast, and a google home mini, which worked really well for things like "Play The Office on Family Room TV", the Google TV is a *lot* more accessible and convenient.

    Now to see if I actually want to get Apple TV+ :D I've seen a couple of their shows and they were OK but I haven't heard there's a new "Game of Thrones"-level of TV where everyone's watching it at the same time (Disney+ rose to that level for me this year with Mandalorian & Wandavision). So Apple can wait another year or two for my $...

  7. dnm

    Hopefully nvidia shield will be among the supported devices in the future.

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