Hulu Recommendations Are About to Get a Lot Better

Posted on October 16, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Disney+, Music + Videos with 4 Comments

Hulu is working on some major changes for its recommendation engine. The company today announced a number of new improvements that it’s working on to offer a better, more personalised experience for its viewers.

Hulu will now give users direct control over their recommendations. The service now includes like/dislike buttons that will allow you to control what gets recommended to you. When you like a show or a movie, Hulu will start showing you more content similar to the things you have liked. And when you dislike something, Hulu will apparently stop showing that title completely.

The new like/dislike buttons on Hulu are actually rolling out today, across all platforms, including, Amazon Fire TV devices, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, select LG, Samsung, and Android TVs, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, and Chromecast. The new feature doesn’t seem to be available on phones yet, but Hulu says it’s working on adding support for other devices soon.

Along with the like/dislike buttons, Hulu is working on a more personalized home experience for all its viewers. That means your Hulu home will now be more relevant to the stuff you like to watch, which is what Netflix and a lot of other services already provide.

The company is also testing an improved search experience that is designed to identify and automatically correct misspellings and help you save time, especially when you are typing on devices like a TV. Hulu says it will continue to enhance its recommendation engine going forward, and these changes are pretty interesting, especially considering the fact that it’s just in time for the launch of the Disney+ and Hulu bundle.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Hulu Recommendations Are About to Get a Lot Better”

  1. Skolvikings

    This is fantastic news. Fortunately I already know what I want to watch when I launch Hulu, because previously, their recommendations were horrible with no way for me to give feedback on them.

  2. bsd107

    What the @[email protected]!$&@ ever happened to the download for offline viewing support they promised over a year ago?

  3. Cavorter

    This is really just surfacing a feature that's been around for awhile. Previously if you selected a title and selected "Manage Series" there was a single option to hide it from your recommendations and search results (at least if you don't have the Live TV option). You should be able to find it on versions of the app that haven't been updated yet, it's still there on my tablet, and on my Xbox One that has been updated it just made it easier to find that setting.

  4. mrdrwest

    Hulu needs to fix their Windows App: It's terrible!