Tip: Get an Xbox Music Pass for just $31.41

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Groove Music with 0 Comments


Microsoft is providing a tremendous deal on its Xbox Music Pass subscription, but you’ll need to act fast. You’ll also need to live in the United States or Canada. Sorry.

Here’s what’s happening.

As part of a bizarre celebration of Pi Day—which Microsoft notes is “an homage to the mathematical constant of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter”; it’s also Albert Einstein’s birthday—the software giant is offering a Crazy Eddie Deal on Xbox Music Pass pricing.

But there are rules.

First, you must live the United States. Sorry, it’s US only.(UPDATE: Or not. I’m told this offer is valid in Canada too.)

Second, the deal is only valid on Pi Day, which March 14. Tomorrow. Saturday. Only Saturday.

Third, you will pay just $31.41 for the Xbox Music Pass on this day. (As in the “3/14/1” part of 3/14/15. Yep. It’s a very dumb math gag.) Folks, the normal pricing is $99.90. That’s like two-thirds off. Or something.

Fourth, it’s for new and existing customers. If you have an Xbox Music Pass already, it will stack and extend your subscription out another year. Bonus.

Fifth, you can only get this deal at the Microsoft Store online. So tomorrow—that’s Saturday, March 14, 2015—head on over to the Microsoft Store and pick up your subscription key code for just $31.41.

What’s not clear is if you can buy this multiple times. If you can, I will do so. But regardless, this is a total no-brainer. $31.41?? Are you kidding me?

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