Xbox Music for Windows Phone Gets Manual Sync, More

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Groove Music with 0 Comments

Xbox Music for Windows Phone Gets Manual Sync, More

Microsoft has updated Xbox Music for Windows Phone again, this time adding two small but very nice new features. This is the first update since Microsoft added OneDrive integration a month ago, and comes during a time in which the firm could have been forgiven for focusing on Windows 10.

So kudos to Microsoft—well, the Xbox Music team at least—for that. It’s always nice to see something I use daily be supported like this.

Anyway, the new version is Xbox Music 2.6.677.0. It’s available in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8.1.

And it adds the following two new features:

Manual sync. As you may know, Xbox Music keeps your collection synced between the cloud—where the master copy exists—and your device, where you can view the entire collection and download items locally as needed for offline playback. Now, if you visit Settings, you can manually sync the collection to make sure your phone always has the latest information. (That big “Sync Now” button is new to this update.)


Remove an item from Recent Plays. When you launch Xbox Music, you are shown Recent Plays by default (assuming you’ve actually used the app, of course). But maybe you’re embarrassed by that drunken decision to ironically listen to Justin Beiber and would rather it didn’t constantly remind you of this mistake. No worries: Just tap and hold on the item you wish to, um, forget ever happened, and choose Remove from the pop-up that appears. No judging.



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