Your Groove Finally Comes to Groove for Android and iOS

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Groove Music, iOS, Mobile with 11 Comments

Your Groove Finally Comes to Groove for Android and iOS

Microsoft has worked steadily to improve its Groove music service, and this week it finally brought Your Groove, a curated playlists feature, to Groove for Android and iOS.

Your Groove is Microsoft’s answer to one of the best features in leading music services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, each of which offers excellent music discovery functionality.

Your Groove is somewhat unique, however, in that it works well for those who subscribe to Microsoft’s music subscription service, Groove Music Pass, as well as those who don’t. Music Pass subscribers will see an extensive collection of playlists based on the entire Groove collection. But all users are also provided with playlists based on the music they’ve stored in OneDrive; these latter types of playlists serve as a way to rediscover music you own but maybe haven’t listened to in a while.


In any event, after teasing that this functionality was coming, Microsoft began testing Your Groove in early summer with Windows Insiders. Andit finally arrived in Groove for Windows 10 (for PCs and Mobile) in July.

At that time, Groove for Android and iOS was still the sad, initial version of the mobile app, so it did not get the Your Groove feature. But Microsoft issued a major update to Groove for Android and iOS in mid-July, too. And this week, finally, these versions of the app picked up Your Groove.


(If I’m being honest here, I didn’t even remember that Your Groove wasn’t in the Android and iOS apps; looking back on what I wrote about this in July, I see that these apps had a feature in the Explore view that was sort of like Your Groove. And whatever.)

The description for this update (version 10.1213.1426 on iOS; 10.1209.1646 on Android) notes:

  • In Your Groove, dive into music with personalized playlists and a handy list of your recent plays
  • Various bug fixes

So, there you go. Feature parity at last.

Now, let’s please bring a family plan to Groove, Microsoft, so I can stop adding a caveat every time I discuss this service.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Your Groove Finally Comes to Groove for Android and iOS”

  1. 4964

    Mystified why Groove Android isn't seeing downloaded content (music on device or SD card). Is there something I'm missing?

  2. 412

    Insane perhaps, but I do pay for three music services: Groove, Google Music/YouTube Red, and Amazon Music Unlimited. I'd like to get that down to one but all three offer me perks.

    Groove works across my Android Phones, PC's and XBOX. Google Music biggest perk is the family plan and commercial free YouTube. Amazon Music is great since we have several Echo's and take advantage of the Amazon Ecosystem. 

    I use a nifty app called STAMP to help sync music between the services (no Groove support as of yet).

  3. 61

    I have version 10.1209.1646 on Android and I still see Explore and not Your Groove.  I don't have a Groove Music Pass.  So, does anyone know if this is a timing thing or if it is really available to the free version?

  4. 1816

    I noticed this yesterday on my Android phone and like it a lot. It really does reintroduce you to your music collection in a very enjoyable way.

    This may be off-topic, but one thing about Groove Music that has been driving me crazy lately is that I have a download stuck in some queue that I can't identify. Every time I start Groove Music on my Android device, it start a download (of what I don't know). After a while I get a notification saying "Download Status...Download Error". There is no indication of what it's trying to download, and no way for me to find out. Has anyone else out there seen this type of behavior?

  5. 6319

    I'm super happy with Groove on iOS now.

    Downloads are also improved!

  6. 697

    Still no feature parity until I can:

    1) Stream from One Drive without a Groove Music Pass

    2) Play local music and/or redirect the Groove download folder to SD card.

    There's probably more, but this is why I'm still using VLC.

  7. 1353

    Now if only Groove on Android would let you store your music on the SD card, life would be perfect.

  8. danny7676

    That was fantastic news. i have been waiting for Groove Android app from latest few months. In last few months, I have used setbeat app ( to listen music for free.