Microsoft Joins Movies Anywhere at Last

Posted on August 6, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Music + Videos, Microsoft Movies & TV with 36 Comments

It’s happening — Microsoft is finally part of Movies Anywhere. The company has been working to bring support for Movies Anywhere to Microsoft Movies & TV for months, and the wait is finally over.

Movies Anywhere is a service where you can buy movies from iTunes, Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu, FandagoNOW, and now Microsoft Movies & TV, and watch it wherever you want. This means that if you buy Deadpool 2 on iTunes, you can watch it using the Microsoft Movies & TV app on Windows 10 or on your Xbox One as long as it’s part of Movies Anywhere. Right now, Movies Anywhere only works with movies from Disney, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros, with more studios expected to join in the future.

But there are some roadblocks, of course. Not all movies are supported by Movies Anywhere, so you will have to keep an eye out for the Movies Anywhere on movie listings before purchasing them if you want to be able to watch it across all the services. Do keep in mind that the service doesn’t support rental content, either. But more importantly: Movies Anywhere isn’t available outside of the United States.

Movies Anywhere support for Microsoft Movies & TV is a big deal: to date, it’s been impossible to view content purchased from the Microsoft Store on Android, iOS, and the web. With the support for Movies Anywhere, all of that changes, as you can now view the content purchased from the Microsoft Store on other services, or using the Movies Anywhere app.

You can get started with Movies Anywhere here — all you need to do is a create an account, and connect it to your Microsoft Account under Movies Anywhere settings.

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Comments (36)

36 responses to “Microsoft Joins Movies Anywhere at Last”

  1. Omega Ra

    I don't see the option yet to connect on movies anywhere, Guess I'll just have to keep my eyes open.

  2. desenal

    Great news for microsoft lovers. Now its easy to watch all movies on Cinema apk . All movies, TV shows are available for free on this app.

  3. Troughley

    For US local it is now up and running in the site

  4. Gerard Samuel

    Did anyone ever manage to connect their Microsoft account?

    The link to the Microsoft site, was taken down and the Movies anywhere site/app do not show a way to connect a Microsoft account.

  5. markbyrn

    According to the Verge, "Update August 6th 11AM ET: Microsoft has removed its Movies Anywhere page and video promo. We’ve reached out to the company for comment on when it will officially unveil Movies Anywhere support."

  6. Scott Ross

    Finally. There were times where I thought the microsoft store had some decent deals on movies, and then I thought whats the point I can't watch it on my other devices. Now I can with this. I would buy it through the MS store, then go on amazon on the Roku TV and watch it that way.

  7. AnOldAmigaUser

    Yes, but when Microsoft does kill Movies + TV, will Movies Anywhere content purchased through Microsoft still be available on other services?

  8. ChuckOp

    Just had a support chat with "Emma" from She reports:

    "Okay thank you. The info I have says that this will launch at 11AM today so yes you will be able to link the accounts via the manage retailers page but it just isn't available right yet".

    She later clarified that 11am Pacific Time, today, Monday, August 6th. I'll check back then.

  9. ChuckOp

    I'm not seeing the option to add Microsoft Movies + TV yet under retailers. I created the account last week and have a couple of other services connected.

    I'm very excited about this, as I have a huge collection of movies I've been building for 6 years now.

  10. jrickel96

    Movies & TV has gone from a service I rarely use to one I may use the most, especially if the rumors of them building iOS and Android versions is true. If they also put it on Roku then it can be my go-to on non-Xbox TVs as well.

  11. ibmthink

    Too bad its US only.

  12. wright_is

    I want support for the ~2,000 DVDs and BDs I bought, so I can stream them...

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to wright_is:

      That would be nice! I'm in the U.S and many of my recent purchases include an Ultraviolet copy that I validate through Vudu. The closest thing for my remaining discs-- beyond ripping them to a media server-- was Vudu's Disc to Digital service, which let me get digital copies for a few dollars by scanning the disc package at home.

  13. Pierre Masse

    Then I guess they don't intend to kill the Movies and TV app. It's good to know.

  14. dsddafdsf

    Smart move.

    Now you can watch your Microsoft store purchased movies on the other platforms without Microsoft having to write and maintain another MoviesTV app for iOS and Android.

    A bit like they transfered Groove people to Spotify and killed the iOS and Android apps.

  15. JeffFerguson

    I'm not seeing Microsoft listed on the "Manage Retailers" page for existing Movies Anywhere accounts, but I am hoping that they will be added soon.

  16. RamblingGeek

    But more importantly: Movies Anywhere isn’t available outside of the United States. ?

  17. jeetisking

    Nice to hear that, it's a great news for Microsoft users. Now it's gonna be easy to watch all movies.

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