We Need to Talk About Netflix (Premium)


Netflix this month reported its first drop in subscribers in a decade, and everyone is scurrying to write the service’s obituary. That’s more than a bit premature. In fact, it’s nonsensical. But as a long-time Netflix subscriber who pays for its most expensive tier, I do have some thoughts about what went wrong. And how the service can continue to thrive going forward.

But first, it’s important to point out that news of Netflix’s death is greatly exaggerated. And that whatever mistakes it’s made do not in any way point to an imminent downward spiral. Netflix is, by all measures, the single most dominant streaming content service on earth, and it has, by far, the deepest and richest content library. Were I forced to choose just one such service, and regardless of whether I involved my wife and kids, that decision would be simple. It would always be Netflix. Always.

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