Sonos + AirPlay, a Love Story (Premium)


I purchased my first Sonos wireless smart speaker, a Play:1, several years ago when we were still living in Massachusetts. I was happy enough with the sound quality and performance that I later purchased a second Play:1, creating a stereo pair in our living room. I even installed corner shelves for them, drilling a hole in the back of each so that the speakers’ cables could reach the power receptacles more elegantly.

And that’s how it starts with this kind of thing, isn’t it? I did a bit of research and was intrigued by Sonos but alarmed by the high prices of their initial speaker offerings, the ZonePlayer S5/Play:5 and the Play:3. But over time, Sonos augmented its product line with the less expensive Play:1 and so I took a shot. Today, we own over a dozen Sonos products, and at a heady cost: we have $2000 of Sonos equipment in our sunroom alone, between a pair of Play Fives, a Sub, and a Boost, though our out-of-pocket expenses were only $1500 because we got the Play Fives used.

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