Spotify’s Latest Playlist Gives You Daily Podcasts Recommendations

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Spotify with 0 Comments

Spotify has been pushing podcasts on the platform quite a lot recently. The company has developed its podcasts listening experience significantly over the last few months, even going as far as redesigning core parts of the app to signify its focus on podcasts.

Today, Spotify is taking that a step further with a new kind of playlist: a daily, automatically generated playlist for podcasts. Spotify’s automatically generated playlists have been quite great in the past, with the company’s Discover Weekly and Daily Mix playlists offering really decent personalised music suggestions.

And that’s now coming over to podcasts with the new Your Daily Podcasts playlist. As the name suggests, Spotify will now provide you with daily recommendations for podcasts that you may like. The feature only works if you have listened to at least four podcasts in the past 90 days. It works a lot like Spotify’s other algorithmically generated playlists, using factors like your listening history and habit to figure out what you may like to provide suggestions. I am not really a podcasts person, so I can’t really tell if the recommendations on my Your Daily Podcasts playlist are any good, to be honest.

Spotify says the new playlist is available to both free and paid users in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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