Spotify Adds a Premium Duo Subscription for Couples

Posted on July 1, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Spotify with 10 Comments

Spotify has added a Premium Duo Subscription for couples in 55 markets, complementing its individual and Family plans. The firm first started testing the service last year.

“With Spotify Premium Duo, our new, first-of-its-kind subscription plan, couples can enjoy their favorite music—together and separately,” the firm notes in the announcement. “Premium Duo is designed for audio-loving pairs living at the same address. Each individual gets their own Premium account under one plan in addition to unique benefits for couples.”

Premium Duo costs $12.99 per month in the US, compared to $9.99 per month for an individual Premium plan or $14.99 for a Family plan that supports up to 6 users. Spotify also offers a Student plan for $4.99 per month. As with Family, each Premium Duo user gets their own account with ad-free access to the entire Spotify library of over 50 million tracks.

But there is one unique perk to Duo: Subscribers can access an exclusive Duo Mix playlist that is regularly updated to help them discover audio they both love. The two users must reside at the same address to be eligible, the firm notes.

You can learn more about Spotify Premium Duo from the Spotify website.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Spotify Adds a Premium Duo Subscription for Couples”

  1. gregsedwards

    It's nice that Spotify continues to provide service tiers that are tailored to its various audiences. The Duo mix sounds neat, and I would hope it makes its way to the family tier as well. I could see this being quite useful for my wife and me, without also including our kids' favorites in our mix.

    Spotify also needs to continue to work with companies like Google and Amazon to make the process of integrating multiple user accounts into thier connected home services less arduous.

  2. bart

    I am a bit confused as to why the Duo Mix is exclusive. My family and I have a family subscription and we get the Family Mix.

  3. Atoqir

    So 12 for 2 people and 15 for 5 people. Seems like a bad deal to me.

    But I understand why they do it. Almost all my friends and colleagues have made those webs of services. One shares his Netflix with the group, another shares his Apple TV, one his Spotify etc. So we almost have all major services for almost no money.

    • jdjan

      In reply to Atoqir:

      When you put it that way then, yes, it's a bad deal. However, my wife and I (we don't have kids) share an account and get the 'your account is in use' restriction from time to time. I've never felt like it was worth $15/month to get around that, so there is a legit use case for something between a single person sub and a family sub.

      I still think it should be $11.99 instead of $12.99 for it to make sense. We only need to stream at the same time occasionally (and I normally just switch to Pandora instead.). Although it's only a buck/month difference, I'd jump on it for $11.99 whereas $12.99 gives me just a little pause. I'm starting to accumulate too many of these damn subscriptions...

    • bbennett40

      In reply to Atoqir:

      Two people paying $9.99 would save $6.99 per month. Not sure how this is a bad deal. If someone had more people to share with, they could move up to the family plan and save more money. Still, not a bad deal.

  4. toukale

    All those companies are missing the sweet spot. Their prices should be like this: $6.99 individual, $9.99 for Duo, $14.99 family. They can also have those specials for students that starts at either $3.99 or $4.99. Streaming music services are missing the boat on this. Right now most don't subscribes because the entry prices are too high, its not a one off purchase its a subscription lower the entry price, you will make more money in the long run by having just about everyone paying for a subscription account.

    They can go crazy by discounting individual account for $4.99 if you subscribe and pay for multiple years ahead of time. They can be creative about this but non seems to want to break the status quo of current subscription prices. I am sure this has something to do with the music industry contracts.

    • wright_is

      In reply to toukale:

      Except you have to take into account your costs. How much does payroll, licensing, server infrastructure, bandwidth etc. cost spread out across your users? Given the music companies always complained that they were never getting enough out of the Spotify licensing, I'd guess the margins are still fairly thin at the current prices.

      $6.99 might sound better from your point of view, but if they have to shut up shop after 6 months, because they are losing money, nobody wins.

    • Paul Thurrott

      The prices are based on the costs and would be higher, not lower, if Apple wasn't subsidizing the cost of Apple Music to harm Spotify and its other competitors. I agree lower prices would be great, but the reality is that this business is expensive because of the cost of licensing the music.
  5. Rob_Wade

    Overpriced for a service that does almost nothing I want. Yet others just puke their money over to them. Amazing.

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