Microsoft Updates OneNote, Tools for Education

Posted on June 26, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Office 365, Office, Windows 10 with 10 Comments

Microsoft today announced a set of updates to Microsoft Updates OneNote, OneNote Class Notebook, and Learning Tools that are aimed at improving the user experience of each.

Here’s what’s new.

Class Notebook improvements. A copy of your OneNote Class Notebooks can now be saved to your personal or work OneDrive so you can access them from anywhere. And Edsby integration is now available.

Researcher for OneNote for Windows 10. Researcher is now available in OneNote for Windows 10, allowing you to find credible sources and content from within the app.

OneNote for Windows 10 redesign. The redesign of OneNote for Windows 10 is now fully deployed, Microsoft says. This is the new UI that is consistent across all of the platforms on which OneNote runs, like iOS.

New sticker packs. Teachers now have a wider variety of stickers to choose from when grading student assignments thanks to two new sticker packs called “Silly Supplies” and “Cacti Friends.”

Learning Tools. OneNote Desktop Learning Tools add-in has been updated with improved syllabification for English; new Syllables support for Spanish, French, German and Italian languages; and tokenization of Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Updates OneNote, Tools for Education”

  1. bbold

    OneNote is amazing. :D Just keeps getting better.

  2. harmjr

    OneNote for Windows 10 redesign. I typically hate OneNote UWP for OneNote Desktop but this may be the first time it made me take a second look. Still wont use it as I need all my PRO tools that are in OneNote Desktop but its the biggest improvement I have seen in awhile so Cudos OneNote UWP team.

    • harmjr

      In reply to harmjr:

      So in playing with this over the past day I am thinking Whats missing. Here are for me things I need to use this more.

      1. Send to Email button. Yes I must have this going to Outlook 2016
      2. Templates and the ability to set a section to create a new template each new page on a section.
      3. Copy Text from Image. You can do this some what already but I just want the right click on an image and have it.
      4. Pens I prefer the ability to already have a lot of pens and thicknesses ready. BTW pencils look so much better want them in ON Desktop.

      These are the top of my wishlist. In case some of you perusing also work on the OneNote UWP team. Yes I will look to into the Feedback hub as well.

  3. Jonne70

    Extremely impressed with this update. Made the switch from Evernote to Onenote because of it. Before, Onenote alwas seemed very unorganized to me. The onenote team has done a fantastic job. Small bugs here and there when copying, moving from notebook to notebook (onenote closes, but you can just start it again and continue) , and sometimes a little slow to start syncing. But no showstopping bugs at all.

    This is the first UWP app I actually love and enjoy using, with most every feature I need. Well thougt out desing.

    The only thing that I miss from Evernote is tagging support (where you can tag your notes with your own keywords).

    Especially loving the page background color, new tabbing system, among other things.

    Many thanks to the Onenote team, fantastic job (and works quite well on my android phone and ipad as well).

  4. Lars lalaa

    Made the switch from OneNote/Evernote to Bear. Less bloated, nice design and great for productivity. There’s a need for sleeker programs without losing on productivity. Friends of mine already switched from Word to Ulysses. I think Mary Jo would absolutely LOVE writing with Ulysses, for example.

    Going to be interesting how this stuff turns out. The diversity of software might hurt Microsoft in the long run. In consumer market, for sure, and maybe someday on enterprise level. It already starts in small business. Slack is a good example for both. To be out of mobile doesn’t help either.

  5. SvenJ

    Hey Harmjr, let the OneNote team know what those Pro tools are that are keeping you from using it over the desktop version. They are wanting it to be the only one you need. There may come a time when it is the only one you can get, so make your voice heard.

  6. Alex Taylor

    As a user who's had periodic attempts at using OneNote since I got my Surface Pro 3 some years ago, the removal of any form of offline mode had killed it dead for me.

    I quite liked the original "Store" version that was out when the SP3 was new, and it worked offline but was a bit flaky syncing. I was able to live with that provided I remembered to sync (never, ever a quick process) and leave open a notebook before going to a client meeting.

    I think it was the update before this one, that the ability to function offline seemed to die completely: Access existing notes or create a new Note offline? Who could possibly have a use for that?

    It looks like the new version has reinstated online support to some extent - but I'm not going to trust it enough to use until I've really tested its reliability. Am I the only person on the planet that would want a notes application that can access your notes - every. single. time?

  7. rameshthanikodi

    With this redesign, OneNote UWP has replaced OneNote 2016 for me. They did a really good job on the design.