Ask Paul: Remote Control a PowerPoint Presentation

Posted on April 5, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Office with 0 Comments

Ask Paul: Remote Control a PowerPoint Presentation

Apple lets you remotely control Keynote presentations using the Keynote mobile app. Will Microsoft offer a similar solution for PowerPoint in Windows 10 Mobile, or on iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Doug B. asks

Both PowerPoint and Keynote have their strengths. However, the ability to natively remotely control Keynote with iPad and iPhone in the Keynote app is compelling. There are third-party apps that will control PowerPoint from iPad but they are less reliable and less easy to use. Does Windows 10 for Phone and tablet have such a capability? And do you know if it’s possible that Microsoft could incorporate such a capability into their app? It would make PowerPoint for iPad more compelling.


I’m not sure what Microsoft is planning for Windows 10 exactly, but Microsoft does makes an app called Office Remote for Windows Phone that does what you want. And this would presumably work in Windows 10 Mobile (for phones and tablets) as well.


I’m also not sure if this app is coming to iOS, but given recent events it wouldn’t surprise me.

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