OneNote Snags Two Big Updates on the Web

Posted on April 18, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Office with 0 Comments

Microsoft has announced two separate updates to OneNote, both of which involve the web. Bing Image Search has been updated to support a “Clip it to OneNote” feature, and OneNote Online—the web-based version of OneNote—has been updated to support spellchecking.

Clip it to OneNote in Bing Image Search

As part of a recent update to Bing image search, Microsoft added an “actions” toolbar in a pane at the bottom of each image view, allowing users to take different actions—like view the source image, add to favorites, pin to Pinterest and more—on it. Among these actions is a new Clip it to OneNote feature.


Clip it to OneNote works as you might expect: a clipper window appears, letting you save the image to the default location (usually Quick Notes in your default notebook) or choose another location via a dropdown.


The nice thing about this feature, of course, is that it doesn’t require a browser add-in of any kind. So you can use this from any web browser, without having to install anything.

OneNote Online spellchecking

As you may know, OneNote is the model Microsoft is using to spread its other Office productivity apps across various platforms, and the firm supports multiple versions of the app on Windows desktop, Windows 8/Modern, Windows Phone, Android handsets and tablets, Amazon Fire phones and tablets, iPad and iPhone. There’s also a version on the web called OneNote Online—which you can access at the Office Online web site—that works from any web browser, including Chrome OS/Chromebook.

OneNote Online is roughly equivalent to the mobile OneNote versions and visually resembles the current Windows 8/Modern client (though that will be changing this year).


This week, Microsoft updated OneNote Online to support spellchecking. It works as it does in Word and elsewhere in Office, where you see a red squiggly line under spelling mistakes and can right-click the word to see potential replacements and other options.


You can also configure spellchecking in OneNote Online from the Spell group in the Home ribbon.


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